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Rowlett Academy families look forward to a new school year

East County is among the parents who get an introduction to the 2022-23 school year.

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GreyHawk Landing's Kristen Barnhardt soaked up information during Rowlett Academy's open house Aug. 6.

Parents were able to attend three sessions in the charter school's Parent University to learn about what to expect in each grade, the role of the school's governing board, strategies to help children experiencing anxiety, and general information from teachers and guidance counselors. 

Barnhardt discovered what her son Parker, who is a second grader, can expect in terms of curriculum and arts integration. She also attended a session on the school's new curriculum and a session on the resilience of children. 

"This Parent University they offer is just amazing for families," said Barnhardt, also has a son Mason who is a kindergartner at Rowlett Academy. 

Although there are several schools closer to East County, Barnhardt, Panther Ridge's Nikki Olarsch and East County's Ashley Golus send their children to Rowlett Academy for the school community and focus on arts and communication. 

"I very much love the community concept at Rowlett," Olarsch said. "I also very much love the Leader in Me portion of the school that teaches the seven habits of highly effective people and integrates that so well into the curriculum."

With schools returning to pre-COVID-19 protocols, Barnhardt, Olarsch and Golus look forward to having a normal school year. Barnhardt said the return to normalcy will give families a chance to get to know other families on campus.

"This is the first year to really experience all the wonderfulness that Rowlett has to offer," Barnhardt said. "The school is so big about families getting to know each other and parents being able to volunteer. I'm definitely looking forward to that."


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