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Sarasota Cops Corner: Dog days of summer

Police reports from around Sarasota.

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Thursday, July 28

Slinging drinks

8:58 p.m., 900 block of LaCosta Circle

Suspicious incident: A man called police to report that someone had thrown a drink at his vehicle. Although he did not see the libation lobber, he believed it was someone from a specific address. Police spoke with a third party who stated the subject apartment is the home of his girlfriend and her roommate, and that he was aware of an ongoing dispute over parking between the complainant and his girlfriend. The man said he arrived at the apartment to take care of his girlfriend’s dog, and that nobody was home at the time of the alleged incident. Officers noted that the man was nervous when speaking to them. A doorbell camera at a nearby residence was inoperable and no video evidence of the incident was available. The case is related to a previous incident on the day prior, when the complainant reported other liquids and other items being left on the vehicle.

Saturday, July 30

Text terror

7:12 p.m., 2200 block of Pelican Drive

Dispute: A neighborhood feud brought police to the home of a woman who complained about “mean and inappropriate” text messages from a neighbor. The complainant was concerned by her neighbor's behavior and wanted documentation of her concerns. There is an incident report regarding previous inappropriate messages sent by the neighbor. Officers attempted to speak with the texter, but received no answer at the door. No crime has been committed.

Sunday, July 31

Dog days

7:03 p.m.. 800 block of Sunridge Drive

Citizen dispute: A dog-custody dispute brought police to the home of the ex-girlfriend of a man who said he was trying to retrieve his dog. The man said he had not spoken with the woman since January. The man claimed the dog is an emotional support animal registered to him for military service-related PTSD. Police spoke with the woman by phone because she no longer resides in the area. She advised that her ex-boyfriend had not been in possession of the dog in two years, and it was left with her while he looked for a place to live. She further explained it was registered as an emotional support animal so the couple to take it on trips without restrictions. The dog now resides with the woman and her boyfriend, she told police, because they have a large back yard and other dogs. She added the former couple paid for the dog together. The pair were advised that the matter is civil in nature.

Monday, Aug. 1

Skipping out

2:35 p.m., 1500 block of First Street

Fraud: When a man left a restaurant heading to a nearby grocery store without paying his bill, officers responded to find the man, who admitted to consuming several beers. He told officers he was trying to contact a girlfriend who could assist him in closing the tab. He added his phone was not operating property and needed to find a WiFi to make the call. An officer called the number the man provided, reaching the woman who said she would pay the man’s bill, adding it was the last time she would do so. Once it was confirmed the man’s debt had been settled, he was advised that he was free to leave. While investigating the incident, an officer was approached by an employee at another nearby restaurant who claimed the same man posed as a customer a week earlier and failed to pay his $25 tab.


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