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Just Married: Kym and Gerett

A fairy tale love story took this couple from the Country Club to the aisle.

  • | 6:15 a.m. December 26, 2018
Cat Pennenga Photography
Cat Pennenga Photography
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Cat Pennenga Photography
Cat Pennenga Photography

“Fairy tale” are the words Kym and Gerett Copeland use over and over to describe their love and wedding day.

They met in March 2017, after being introduced by Melissa Howard. When Kym walked into the Lakewood Ranch Country Club, Gerett’s eyes lit up right away. Gerett lost his fiancé in July 2016 to cancer. After taking time to heal, he was ready to find love again.

“She’s an incredibly beautiful woman to look at,” Gerett says. “You can’t not smile when you see her.”

For Kym, seeing Gerett for the first time was also special.

“We just knew right away,” Kym says. “I don’t know if it was love at first sight, but there was a connection right away.”

Cat Pennenga Photography
Cat Pennenga Photography

During that first meeting, they learned they have a lot in common, including being politically active, which made the conversation flow easily between them.

“I just enjoyed talking with her,” Gerett says. “She’s beautiful on the outside and the inside.”

After that dinner, they continued to date and traveled together

often. Nine months after first meeting, their love story would take them to the 21 Club in New York City.

Cat Pennenga Photography
Cat Pennenga Photography

The Proposal

On their December trip to the Big Apple, the couple made a stop at Gerett’s favorite restaurant, one he’s frequented since he turned 21. Gerett had gathered a group of their friends and family there for a special reason unknown to all who came.

Inside, the restaurant was warm, but outside, it was freezing cold. Both agreed it was a magical time to be in the city with friends and family.

With everyone in attendance, Gerett got down on one knee and asked Kym to be his wife.

“I didn’t even say ‘yes’ because I couldn’t stop smiling,” Kym says. “It was a very touching moment to have friends and family there.”


The Wedding

During the next 11 months, Kym and Gerett say they had Nicole Kaney to thank for all their planning necessities. Gerett had a big say in the choice of cake, and Kym took pride in the seating chart.

“My favorite part was the seating,” Kym says. “It was so much

effort and work. I was excited to see that project done.”

Cat Pennenga Photography
Cat Pennenga Photography

They married Nov. 17 at the Ca’ d’Zan, surrounded by 170 loved ones.

Both Kym and Gerett say the wedding was perfect.

“It was a perfect fairy tale night,” Kym says. “I can’t get over how well it all came together.”

Gerett’s favorite part of the day was watching Kym walk down the aisle and the bridal party enter into the reception.

Cat Pennenga Photography
Cat Pennenga Photography

“Watching Kym walk down the aisle in the evening light, I realized how much I love her,” Gerett says.

Kym’s favorite part was being surrounded by their friends and

her family’s support. 

The fairy tale aspect came to life for the Copelands, and after a tragedy two years prior, Gerett says he is happy to have Kym as his wife.

“It was a magical thing to find love again,” Gerett says.



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