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Your Neighbor: Gordon Kuhn

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  • | 5:00 a.m. March 6, 2013
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Through a varied career — first in the 1st Marine Brigade in the Vietnam War, then as a janitor, with bouts as a ditch digger, cemetery lot salesman, accountant and teacher — Lakewood Ranch author Gordon Kuhn, 67, has always had a love for words.

The Chicago native wrote fiction while serving in Vietnam to escape what he saw on the battlefield.

And he writes now as a way to cope with the post-traumatic stress that gives him nightmares.

Three months ago, Kuhn released his new book, “The Pelman Murders,” a dark mystery about 12 murders, 10 suspects, incest and blackmail.

Kuhn also penned “Widow’s Cliff,” a compilation of poetry he’s written throughout his life.

All of Kuhn’s books are self-published and available on

On his favorite character he wrote: “It’s Mrs. Harmann. She’s a little old lady who is slightly senile and thinks there is a giant mouse in her building. There is no mouse. She’s in her 70s, is flirtatious and bakes cookies.”

On his inspiration for writing:

“It could be anything; people I see in restaurants. Automatically, I write.”

On his writing style: “Some might say it’s dark. I like to write late at night. I usually sleep four hours. My wife says to go to bed. ‘It’s not healthy,’ she says.”


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