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Letters to the Editor: 08.10.11

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  • | 4:00 a.m. August 10, 2011
  • Longboat Key
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+ The problem is dog owners, not the dogs
Dear Editor:

I am very much a dog-lover, and I’d love to see the dogs having fun on the beach. However, the problem is not the dogs, but the dog owners. I walk the beach four to six mornings a week and always take a trash bag with me. It’s discouraging to see the amount of trash I pick up each morning, including: bottles, cans, drink boxes, snack wrappers and numerous other items. I can’t imagine that the people who leave all this trash on the beach are going to be conscientious about picking up after their dog.

Jane Webb
Longboat Key

+ Attacked by dog on the beach
Dear Editor:

Last week while on vacation on Longboat Key from Northern Ireland, my friend and I were walking along the beach in the 3500 block of Gulf of Mexico Drive when I was attacked by a dog. The dog came from behind and knocked me forward into the sand onto my knees. As we had walked by, one of the owners, who was standing in the sea, called out to the dog, “Contessa, no.” It was, however, too late. The other owner apologized sincerely and assured me that the dog had received all appropriate shots. My friend checked my leg for teeth marks, and I was very fortunate that the dog had not broken my skin. I was extremely upset and traumatized. 

Although I did not report this incident to the police, my friend informed the owners that her two dogs should not be on the beach. The owner confirmed that she was fully aware of this fact. I also informed her that if I saw the dogs on the beach again, I would report her.

While on vacation, I read in the Longboat Observer about the current debate regarding dogs being permitted on the beach. Obviously, I am completely against this and do not wish to share the beach with dogs, on a leash or not.

I look forward hearing to your comments on this subject.

Carol Hall
Northern Ireland


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