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Letters to the Editor

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  • | 4:00 a.m. July 1, 2009
  • Longboat Key
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+ Sidewalks can become a dangerous place for walkers
Dear Editor:         
I read with interest in the May 21 edition of The Observer about the concern of too many signs on Gulf of Mexico Drive. I have no problem reducing the number of signs as long as it is done carefully and within the law. However, there is one concern I have and that is the lack of signs directed at people who cycle or Rollerblade on the sidewalk of Gulf of Mexico Drive.

Several times, I’ve had some close calls when people cycle at high speed past me when I am walking and they don’t ring their bells (if they have one). I’ve had some confrontations with people who neglect to use their bells (one lady said she did not have to ring her bell because she was doing less than 35 mph ... hmmm). Rollerbladers can be particularly dangerous, especially when they are novices and have no clue how to react when they come close to a walker.

As far as I know, there are only two signs (I may be wrong on the number) directed at cyclists who cycle on the sidewalk of Gulf of Mexico Drive.

My suggestion is to put up more signs and possibly impose a fine on people who do not obey the law.

My wife complained to the safety officer at the police department about this subject a few years ago and nothing became of it.
James A. O’Mahony
Longboat Key

+ Dog regulations should be the decision of each owner
Dear Editor:
I read the article in The Observer complaining about the height and weight of some dogs at Spanish Main. I have never understood that way of thinking.

I have had dogs (and cats) all of my life, and I have found the larger dogs are much more calm and well behaved. The smaller dogs can be quite feisty and very yappy.

We don’t limit the size or weight of the humans in condos, so why limit the size and weight of dogs? It seems to me it is up to the owner of the condo as to what size dog they prefer with which to share their home.

I have been on the board of directors at Pelican Harbour for years, and the owners will tell you my big dogs have never been a problem. My 70-pound white greyhound is a quiet love.
Vonnie Moody
Longboat Key

+ Long line of cars spotted at the Longboat Key Club
Dear Editor:
Is this but a start? At about 2 p.m. Friday, June, 5, I had to wait on Gulf of Mexico Drive through the remainder of a green arrow at the entry stoplight to Longboat Drive and through the rest of the green/turning red arrow until I could turn in and proceed through the the residents’ lane gate. This was all because of a long string of traffic going through the visitors’ lane, all stopping at the gate in that lane and overflowing onto Gulf of Mexico Drive. I then observed about 90% of the cars in front of me proceed into the Longboat Key Club.

Get ready, folks, the future of Longboat Key is upon us.
 J. M. Sinnett
 Sanctuary resident, Longboat Key

+ A roundabout at the Key Club would not be ideal
Dear Editor:
In the June 16 Sarasota Herald-Tribune (columnist) Jim Brown painted a lovely landscape painting for the Longboat Key Club. However, he omitted one scenic view that would be how his roundabout would look when the bridge is up. During season, the traffic typically lines up back to Bay Isles, and any resident in Country Club Shores who desires to leave his or her street needs to have a death wish. I’m sure Mr. (Michael) Welly (general manager at the Key Club) will give Jim a fresh canvas, so he can include everything on his landscape.
Ellen Jacob
Longboat Key

+ Key Club should open its facilities to the public
Dear Editor:
You have had many letters and articles on the expansion of the Longboat Key Club expressing both positive and negative views, so I would like to add mine. A refurbishing of the facility would certainly have a positive effect on its bookings, which would increase the people looking for real estate here, but does little else for the island other than for its guests and members.

If the Key Club wishes to build another hotel on the property, and if the Key Club wanted to do something for “the community,” it would allow the hotel’s facilities to be open to the public. This added social venue would be beneficial to us all and is the only way I and others I have discussed it with would be willing to accept the negatives, such as a greater possibility of traffic congestion and other negatives discussed. The issue of additional condo units is another matter, but that is being dealt with by the other condo unit owners behind the gates and the commission.
Larry Simonds
Longboat Key



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