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Arts and Entertainment Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2017 2 years ago

'Siesta Key' in review

We watched the series so you didn't have to. Here's what you missed from the first ten episodes.
by: Cassidy Alexander Staff Writer

MTV’s “Siesta Key” reality show spawned the ire of residents who said it was going to bring the wrong crowd to the town. Many vowed not to watch it in protest, concerned from July previews that it would project the wrong image — but someone watched the show, which MTV calls its top performing new series since 2014.

Two of those people were us — A&E Editor Niki Kottmann and Staff Writer Cassidy Alexander. Every Monday for 10 weeks we watched the series and recapped it for readers the next day online. If you missed it, we’ve recapped the season here, in preparation for the recently announced eight episodes on their way to finish out the season.

Here’s what’s happened so far:

In the first episode we meet everyone: Alex, the “King of Siesta Key” who just graduated college; his high school sweetheart and recent college graduate Madisson; his current fling Juliette; Chloe, Alex’s best friend and most often the show’s voice of reason; Brandon, essentially just a pretty boy; Pauly, Alex’s cousin, aspiring DJ, idiot; Kelsey, the new girl in town and a former model; and Garrett, Kelsey’s boyfriend, a personal trainer, the “outsider” who went to school with everyone.

The cast gathers at Alex’s parents’ castle on Siesta Key for a big party. Alex is sort of with Juliette, and Madisson, who was interested in Alex, is upset. 

In the next episode, everyone takes turns telling Chloe she needs an attitude adjustment after one of her friends punched her in the face, which may or may not be true. The Alex-Madisson-Juliette love triangle continues, but Alex (predictably) offends both girls.

In Episode 3, Kelsey and Garrett, whom we were all rooting for from the beginning, are having problems. Kelsey wants to party with Alex and his friends and Garrett doesn’t really like them. Also Alex and Kelsey are clearly interested in each other. Chloe makes up with the girl who punched her in the face.

Alex and Juliette are clearly the Romeo and Juliet of our generation (insert laughing while crying emoji).

In Episode 4, the crew gather at Alex’s house for a Gatsby-themed gala. Juliette finally confronts Alex pre-party and tells him he’s a “piece of ...” and we all slow-clapped. Brandon develops a crush on Madisson. Kelsey ignores Garrett in favor of Alex, and Garrett leaves angrily.

The next episode is boring. Kelsey and Alex flirt in a hot tub after the gala. Later, Alex invites the whole crew to go to Bimini with him. Garrett says he’s not going, and he and Kelsey are now on a “break.”

Episode 6 takes the crew to the Bahamas. Alex and Pauly repeatedly make fat jokes about Chloe. Alex and Kelsey keep flirting and go on a date. Juliette begins waging a one-woman war on Kelsey, which she (I guess?) wins by sleeping with Alex on their last night there.

Back in the states, Madisson’s ex-boyfriend from college shows up and asks her to move to New York City with him (yeah, OK). Alex and Brandon both try to establish dominance. Kelsey and Garrett have a tense and awkward conversation.

In Episode 8, Juliette takes her possessiveness and channels it into ruining Kelsey’s life. She asks Garrett on a date, and in the next breath tells him that Alex and Kelsey slept together after the Gatsby gala! This rumor has been circulating for several episodes. Garrett calls Kelsey and she doesn’t deny it. Then Garrett dates Juliette out of spite, and Kelsey goes on a date with Alex. He flirts with other girls.

We highly doubt that Madisson and Brandon are actually dating in real life, but sometimes they were cute as a TV couple.

In the ninth episode, Kelsey looks for sympathy from the whole crew but doesn’t get it. Pauly performs at the Beach Club on Siesta Key and it goes horribly, and he cries. Brandon and Madisson are still dating, and Juliette and Garrett kind of are too — but they just keep talking about their exes a lot.

In the finale, Alex develops a new crush on Madisson and literally — I am not exaggerating! — asks her to spend the rest of her life with him, to which she replies no because he has been human garbage all season. Garrett and Kelsey talk it out, and the show ends on a huge cliff hanger: Garrett asks Kelsey if it would be worth it for them to give it another shot.

Then is the slow fade out, and now you’re caught up. See you for eight more episodes in winter 2018.


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