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Sarasota Thursday, Apr. 11, 2019 1 year ago

Sarasota's search for red tide solutions

Scientists, policymakers and everyday citizens take aim at ways to head off another outbreak.

In the second week of the Observer's look at red tide and potential solutions, we examine what's being done on our beaches, in our backyards, in the halls of government and in the laboratory.

Sarasota’s fight against red tide takes many forms

Our region finds itself in the center of the search for answers as scientists and policymakers work both sides of the question.  Read the story

Politicians, policymakers focus on quality of water, funding

While Florida’s government is primed to spend more money with Mote Marine to find solutions to red tide, politicians on the local and state levels seem to be in agreement their best path is to focus on water quality.  Read the story

Mote’s Red Tide Institute plans to roll out tests

When a red tide bloom explodes in the Gulf of Mexico, it’s hard to fight on a battlefield measured in hundreds of square miles. Read the story

Community groups large and small wage battles against red tide

From educators to local environmental groups, who in the community has actively sought to research or make an impact on red tide?  Read the story

What can you do to help?

Here are seven things everyone can do, pretty much every day.  Read the story

Opinion: Seek balance in red tide solutions

As we learned from reporting this series, the answer is simple, but unsatisfying: Red tide is complicated. And despite years of studying it, there is no scientific consensus on what to do.  Read the column

LAST WEEK: What do we really know about Sarasota's red tide outbreak

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