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Sarasota Thursday, Jan. 24, 2013 4 years ago

Cops Corner: Sarasota


Jan. 14
4 p.m. – 1900 block Main Street.
Burglary of a Vehicle. A resident parked his car on Main Street overnight and left his cellphone inside the car. When he awoke in the morning, he received a phone call from someone who had found his cellphone. The resident’s cellphone and golf clubs had been stolen from the trunk of the car. There were about 15 assorted golf clubs with a value of $1,500.

Jan. 15
2 p.m. – 2600 block Waldermere Street.
Petit Theft. A woman reported that her wallet was stolen from Arlington Park. The woman was at the park with her daughter when she put her purse down on the table. The purse had a chain that attached to her wallet. When the woman was done playing with her daughter, she noticed that the chain was still attached to the purse, but the wallet had been stolen. The wallet contained her ID and her Social Security card, as well as her daughter’s Social Security card.

Jan. 16
12:40 a.m. – 800 block Central Avenue.
Lodging Out-of-Doors. An officer observed 30 homeless people lodging out of doors on Central Avenue. All of the subjects had blankets and/or backpacks and were sleeping. A group of people was also sleeping in the rear entrance of the Salvation Army. The officer took photos to document the occurrence.

12:25 p.m. – 100 block N. Tamiami Trail. Fraudulent use of debit card. A woman left her credit card at a gas station. When she realized it was missing she went back to the gas station, but she was unable to find it there. The woman called the bank and discovered that someone had spent $75 at the gas station where she lost her card.

6:55 p.m. – 400 block Burns Court. Noise Violation. A resident called police about noise coming from a restaurant. An officer arrived and heard the music of one piano player coming from the business. The music was not loud, and the officer had to turn his radio down to hear it. The officer concluded there was no violation of the noise ordinance at the location. There have been several complaints made in the recent past about this restaurant.

11:30 a.m. – N. Euclid Avenue. Petit Theft. A woman got into an argument with her boyfriend. During the argument her boyfriend took her house and car keys without her consent and left without giving them back. An officer called the boyfriend and left a message. The girlfriend said she wished to prosecute

Jan. 17
2:45 p.m. – 400 block S. Pineapple Avenue.
Theft. A storeowner noticed a woman wearing a white T-shirt and black shorts stuff a necklace into her large, white bag. The storeowner jumped from her office seat and said to the woman “What are you doing?” and grabbed the necklace. The woman ran from the store, and another store employee gave chase. The thief was last seen a few blocks away.

3:30 P.M. – 3600 block S. Tamiami Trail. Panhandling. An officer responded to a report of a man and woman walking next to the roadway and panhandling in front of a business. The man was holding a small sign that read “Stranded Need Help.” An officer told the man and woman that approaching vehicles could endanger drivers and themselves. They both left the area.

Jan. 18
2:43 a.m. – 1300 block 13th Street.
Suspicion General. Officers met with a resident who said she heard the metal gate to her front porch rattle as if someone was trying to gain entry. Officers conducted a sweep of the yard, and they did not find anything out of the ordinary. The metal gate did not show signs of attempted forced entry. It was noted that the weather was cold and windy.



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