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Cops Corner
Sarasota Thursday, Aug. 1, 2013 4 years ago



July 27
4:00 p.m. — 4200 block of North Tamiami Trail. Schemes to Defraud. A man received a call from another man claiming to be selling cable modems. The man agreed to buy a modem for $330. The phone operator instructed the man to put money on a PayPal card so the man wouldn’t have to share any personal information. The day after giving the operator the card information, the man called the number back to ask when he would receive the modem. A male answered and told him that they had all his money and that he would not be getting anything. The man never recieved a name of an operator or a company.

July 28
12:01 a.m. — 1700 block of Tuttle Avenue. Dispute/Fight. A charitable organization said a woman has been complaining to them for several months regarding the lights in the parking lot and accusing them of poisoning her yard. A member of the organization said the parking lot lights shut off automatically at 10 p.m., and that they were not poisoning her yard. Just after midnight, the woman glued a sign to the front door of the organization’s building with her complaints.

12:45 a.m. — 1900 block of Main Street. Battery — Non-serious Injury. A woman and her friend were arguing in the street. As an officer approached them, the woman struck the man in the face and continued to hit him as they both fell to the ground. The woman said she and her friend had been consuming alcoholic beverages, and he had called her a derogatory statement that made her so upset she could not control her anger.

He Said, She said
7:40 a.m. — Marina Plaza. Trespassing. A man delivering newspapers saw a male exit a display boat that was on sale. The male said the owner of the yacht company gave him permission to sleep on the boat. A few minutes later, the delivery man heard more voices on the boat and knocked. A second man exited the boat and said the first man was an employee and gave him permission to sleep on the boat. An officer later boarded the boat and found a woman, who said the second man said he owned the boat and told her and the first man they could sleep on it. When confronted, the second man denied telling anyone they could stay on the boat.

9:01 am. — 200 block of Canal Road. Vehicle Collision. A driver was pulling into a parking space in front of a shop while also trying to read a sign on the front door of the business next door. The driver continued over the parking space block, onto the sidewalk and into the concrete wall of the shop.

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