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Lakeshore condominium project in Lakewood Ranch targets 2023 groundbreaking

Often-delayed project along Lake Uihlein gets off the ground with developer Frank Dagostino.

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After a number of delays and three different owners, the condominium project along Lake Uihlein in Main Street at Lakewood Ranch has targeted 2023 for groundbreaking.

Developer Frank Dagostino, whose recent projects have been in Clearwater and St. Petersburg, said he hoped to clear permitting stages with Manatee County in the next few weeks so the beginning stages of construction can begin. Adam Myara, a Realtor marketing the property, said reservations for condominiums already are being taken and the first units could be under construction in January and available as early as June of 2024.

Lakeshore at Main Street Lakewood Ranch will occupy the space between The Fish Hole miniature golf course and Michael Saunders & Co., on the bank of Lake Uihlein.

Dagostino said it was the beauty of the location that drew him to purchase the land.

“When you get here, you see birds and you see trees ... it's beautiful," he said. "You don’t have to imagine how it's going to be because it's a gorgeous site.”

Dagostino was drawn by Lakewood Ranch's ranking as the No. 1-selling multi-generational, master-planned community in the U.S. He loved that the businesses, studios and restaurants along Lakewood Main Street would provide amenities for the residents.

“There's a number of things right there in walking distance that are incredible amenities in that area,” he said.


The complex will be located between The Fish Hole and Michael Saunders & Co. (Courtesy rendering)
The complex will be located between The Fish Hole and Michael Saunders & Co. (Courtesy rendering)

Time to move forward

Dagostino said there is significant anticipation for the project, with roughly half the condominiums reserved for presale at this point, and the rest available to be reserved. Those interested can go to

Myara since once permitting is finished, the property will be fenced off and the land cleared.

Construction was previously set to begin two months ago, he said, but had been delayed due to a change of plan for the building’s elevators. Dagostino decided to replace the proposed two elevators with one larger elevator, a moved that increased the size of its motor so it could operate faster. The size increase would allow the elevator to accommodate larger furniture.

Larger furniture is likely with the luxury condos, with the largest at 3,449 square feet. The largest condos have four bedrooms and three and a half baths. Three are also three bedrooms and three and a half baths layouts (2,526 square feet), three bedrooms and three bath units (2,415 square feet), and three bedrooms and three bath units (1,696 square feet). Prices range from $960,500 to $2,100,015.

Dagostino said he decided to adjust the number units from 40 to 32, as he wanted to ensure ample parking space for residents, although he still managed to accommodate a size increase for some units.

He said the current design was nonetheless still similar in nature to the plans he inherited after purchasing the project.

The property was formerly owned by the late Larry Pearce, who began planning in 2006 to build Lakeshore at Lakewood Ranch with the help of his friend and project manager John Swart and architect Gary Hoyt. Due to the cancer treatments he was undergoing, Pearce sold it as a package to another developer, the Bullard Group, in 2016.

After acquiring the project, the Bullard Group revised floor plans for larger master suites, expanded terraces, and added more use of natural light, among other design changes.

In 2017, the property was listed for sale on at a cost of $2.6 million, with Dagostino acquiring it in 2020.


Adam Myara said units would include high-end features such as luxury vinyl plank floors, and granite and quartz countertops. (Courtesy rendering)
Adam Myara said units would include high-end features such as luxury vinyl plank floors, and granite and quartz countertops. (Courtesy rendering)

The features

Myara said all the units will have lake views with large balconies.

He said residents can expect modern aesthetics, which will include high ceilings and contemporary kitchens, with items such as luxury vinyl plank floors, and granite and quartz countertops, employed as standards.

Windows will be hurricane-rated.

Myara also noted residents will have the option to include certain customizations and upgrades for their condominiums, including tile, carpet, and countertops, in the price of their unit. He said this is possible through arrangements with the builder, KS Contracting Services.

Dagostino said he prefers complexes that have equal numbers of bedrooms and bathrooms, and said these were not built often enough in the Lakewood Ranch area.

Myara described the shared garage as being of a large size to accommodate all the occupants, but that penthouse owners will receive a personal two-car garage located inside the main garage.

Additional amenities are also planned.

A concierge will be present from Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., to receive packages for residents, including those who might be out of the area for part of the year.

A fitness center measuring 30 by 20 feet will feature free weights, machines, treadmills, and cycles.

A swimming pool, which is about 39 feet in length, will overlook Lake Uihlein. Included in the pool area will be personal, lockable cabanas where residents can store objects such as water equipment for use on the lake.

The cabanas will be available for $25,000 and will be included with a penthouse or another upper unit. They will feature ventilation but will not be air conditioned.

The roof of the complex will feature a Tiki bar.

Although Dagostino said the bar will not include servers or alcohol, Myara said it will feature tables, chairs, and umbrellas, and will provide an open-air view of the area.

Myara noted that to a certain extent, the complex will be modeled after Oceane Siesta Key Condos, mirroring its personal cabana feature. This complex was also built by KS Contracting Services.

Dagostino said he was glad to join the community on Main Street at Lakewood Ranch.

“The Main Street people that I've dealt with are just the nicest people,” Dagostino said. “I have felt very welcome.”



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