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Black Ties & Tales: Sarasota's social scene gets spooky with Halloween

Creative costumes and cool weather are the story this week.

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Ghosts and Goblins Everywhere

All of Sarasota was enjoying spooks and scares this Halloween, and the local philanthropy scene was no different. Krystel Beall and her husband, Matt Beall, dressed up as a vampire and a SWAT team member, respectively, while their children each went as the poop emoji, a commando cop and a creepy doll. 

Mike and Jenny Infanti hosted a Halloween party in Cherokee Park attended by Erin Christy, Britt Riner, and many others. Riner went to the annual party dressed as Lady Liberty herself. Christy and her husband, Doug, went as a pair of flowers while their daughter, Everette, was a bumblebee surrounded by a sea of flowers.

Heather Merriman Saba went as Wednesday Addams while her two children were Mal from The Descendents and Vampirina. 

Diana Buchanan and her family were The Incredibles, save their son, who was Batman.

A Tale of Two Temperatures

It was almost funny how drastically how different Children First’s two events at Sharky’s on the Pier felt this week. The Flip Flops & Fashion luncheon felt like a proper Florida summer event, with high humidity and sweltering heat (That’s how it felt to me, anyway, but I was also wearing jeans. Go figure). The event’s new Bubble Bar lounge was a big hit as well, with some guests partying at the lounge throughout the day and even into the night leading to some late scantily clad dips in the gulf, we heard.

Just a few days later, though, and the weather had practically done a 180 — Saturday’s Rockin’ Lobster dinner was crisp and cool, with an amazing breeze that made it a special night. Just goes to show you that our weather is fickle and our state is weird.


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Harry Sayer

Harry Sayer is the Black Tie editor for the Observer. He is a graduate of the University of Central Florida and previously worked Black Tie for the Observer newspaper in Winter Park and Maitland. You can catch him at one of Sarasota's fundraisers and shindigs.