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Sarasota Athlete of the Week: Julia Krzywanski

The EVO Athletics gymnast talks winning at regionals and her dream of visiting Germany.

Julia Krzywanski.
Julia Krzywanski.
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Julia Krzywanski is a gymnast training for the EVO Athletics 10 Elite team. She won first place in the floor routine category at the USA Gymnastics 2019 Region 8 Level 9 and 10 Championships, held April 11-14 in Atlanta. 

When did you start performing gymnastics?

I started six years ago when I lived in Shreveport, La. It was a fun way to get out all of my energy. (Krzywanski moved to Sarasota approx. three years ago.)

What is the appeal to you?

Flipping. I love flipping. I like being able to fly over everything, just bouncing around and having fun. 

What is your best skill?

The "Arabian double front (flip)" in my floor routine. Learning it has come pretty naturally to me. 

What is your favorite memory?

Taking first for my floor routine at regionals. I came to EVO in October 2018. I had some bad experiences at previous gyms and had not had a great year in competitions, so winning in Atlanta definitely felt good. 

What has been your biggest challenge?

Having to leave my family in Shreveport to come train here. It's been hard. I live with my grandparents (Michael and Donna) now. 

What are you goals for the next year?

I want to qualify for EVO's elite team and go to an elite competition. 

What is your dream vacation?

Going to Germany. This is actually out of jealousy. Before I was born, my family went to Germany. My grandparents lived there for a few years. I want to visit so I can say to everyone, "Look, I went there, too!"

What is your favorite subject?

Science. I like know how things happen and why they happen. 

Which superpower would you pick?

Invisibility, so I could sneak up to people and scare them. 

What is the best advice you have received?

Go for your best knowing it might not work out 100% of the time. Just do what you can. 

Finish this sentence: "Julia Krzywanski is ... "

... A happy, bubbly person. 



Ryan Kohn

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