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Letters to the Editor

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  • | 4:00 a.m. April 30, 2014
  • Longboat Key
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+ The loss of Dr. Pamela Letts is a black mark for the town
Dear Editor:
This week, our long-term family physician, Dr. Pamela J. Letts, is going to retire. She has been our family physician on this island for more than a dozen years and we have welcomed the ready-availability of her urgent-care office. She has provided us with sound medical services directly, rapid access to specialists and surgeons, as well as access to useful imaging and laboratory functions. She has performed a very, very much appreciated medical service to our family over these years.

I confess to being more than mildly dismayed because, over a period of four years, our elected town officials, as well as other prominent citizens, have not been able to work out an arrangement that would provide a continuation of an urgent-care medical practice on this island, particularly one that would provide compensation for Dr. Letts as she leaves her practice. I have not been privy to all of the discussions and decisions over the past four years, but the fact that we end up now without an urgent-care facility on this island is just another very black mark against the town of Longboat Key. The list of black marks grows longer and longer each year and no one seems intent on doing anything about them.
Weldon G. Frost
 Longboat Key

+ Road to the White House for Jeb Bush will be tough
Dear Editor: 
I enjoyed your “Why Jeb Bush will win” My View and the accompanying history of voter transitions. However, two items are worth mentioning.

First, in 1992, when Clinton ousted Bush, the primary reason was not the infamous “no new taxes,” but the third-party candidacy of Ross Perot, who siphoned off 19% of the popular vote, primarily away from Bush, and (for better or worse) gave us Bill Clinton.

Second, although I would like to think that Jeb Bush (or anyone) could beat Hillary Clinton, the voting demographics are against it. 

Women are the biggest voting block in the country and they have supported the Democrat candidate 55% to 45% in the last few elections. Add to that their not-so-secret wish to see a woman in the White House, plus the overwhelming support of (and indoctrination of the public by) the “mainstream media,” and you have a formidable hill for any opponent to climb.
Archie Urciuoli

+ No more Bushes in the White House
Not a good idea.  We have already had two Bushes too many in the White House.
Roy Diton
Longboat Key



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