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Letter to the Editor

Why do we need a new library?

A Longboat Key reader asks whether the island needs a county-run library.

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  • | 5:00 a.m. April 23, 2024
  • Longboat Key
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My wife and I are rare native Floridians from Tampa and Longboat Key homeowners since 2019. 

We enjoy the Observer’s no-nonsense “Opinion/My View.” It’s consistently fair, objective, informed and simply logical. I am compelled to write regarding the recent library battle after I read the mayor’s angry response simply because the opinion page doesn’t agree with Mayor Ken Schneier. 

Many politicians are initially motivated by a desire to serve. Unfortunately, most also become victims of their own hubris and self-importance from power.

It appears to me, Mayor Schneier is no exception. Why do we need a new library? Did we get to vote for a new library? It doesn’t seem to matter to the mayor who is attempting to accomplish nothing but contributing to the ever-growing bureaucratic monster that will never be tamed. 

Let’s step back as Matt Walsh recommends and assess the residents' desires. Who wants to pay more taxes for a service only a fraction will utilize?

Unfortunately, the internet information age has converted good old-fashioned libraries into relics of the past. Let it go — just order whatever book you want to be delivered to your doorstep and let’s stop wasting our tax dollars on politicians' pet projects. Mayor Ken, please try to fine tune the services we currently have rather than invent something that is sure to raise our taxes.

— Nicholas M. Kavouklis, Longboat Key


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