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Letter to the Editor

Not all Longboaters are on board with library

A reader reminds Longboat Key's mayor that the press is a watchdog on public servants.

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  • | 8:00 a.m. April 10, 2024
  • Longboat Key
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Apparently, Mr. Schneier is unaware that the primary mission of the press is to act as a watchdog on those who call themselves “public servants.” 

His assumption that everyone on Longboat Key wants everything he wants is arrogant; his dismay that our local crusading newspaper called him out on it is downright laughable. 

News for you, Mr. Schneier: There are lots of Longboaters who don’t see the need to have every space on the island devoted to your pet projects. Especially when we have to pay for them.

Calling for the removal of the opinion page editor should be concerning to anyone who values free speech and a press unrestrained by an overweening government.

— Meredith Ellsworth, Longboat Key


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