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Longboat Key Thursday, Oct. 7, 2021 10 months ago

Meet the Birds of the Week

More than 60 species have been featured, with more to come.

The Observer's Bird of the Week feature can be a lot like an actual bird. You see it, you're intrigued by it, but then it slips away from you. But unlike actual birds, Bird of the Week is available online for further reference at your own convenience. Since we started last summer, Save Our Seabirds contributor Miri Hardy has featured dozens of species in her weekly series.  All photos are by Miri Hardy. 


July 23: Snowy plover

July 30: Black skimmer

Aug. 6: Least tern

Aug. 13: Osprey


Brown pelican

Aug. 20: Brown pelican

Aug. 27: Snowy egret

Sept. 3: Bald eagle

Sept. 10: Black vulture

Sept. 17: Turkey vulture

Sept. 24: Roseate spoonbill

Oct. 1: Great egret

Oct. 8: Tricolored heron 

Oct. 22: White ibis

Oct. 29: Sandhill crane

Nov. 5: Reddish egret

Little blue heron

Nov. 12: Little blue heron

Nov. 19: Pilated woodpecker

Nov. 26: Green heron

Dec. 3: Double crested cormorant

Dec. 10: Wood stork

Dec. 17: Anhinga


Red-shouldered hawk

Dec. 24: Red-shouldered hawk


Jan. 7: Northern cardinal


Nanday parakeet

Jan. 14: Nanday parakeet

Jan. 21: Black-necked stilt

Jan. 28: Great blue heron

Feb. 4: Black-crowned night heron

Feb. 11: Royal tern

Feb. 18: Red-bellied woodpecker

Feb. 25: Boat-tailed grackle

March 4: Limpkin

March 11: Northern mockingbird

March 18: Rufa red knot

March 25: Barred owl

April 1: Rock pigeon

April 8: Muscovy duck

April 15: Laughing gull


Wild turkey

April 22: Wild turkey

April 29: Hooded Morganser

May 6: Loggerhead shrike

May 13: American and fish crows

May 20: Black-bellied whistling duck


Black-bellied whistling duck

May 27: Yellow-crowned night heron

June 3: Eastern screech owl

June 10: Checking in with Ms. Sanibel

June 17: Common gallinule

June 24: Purple gallinule

July 1: Watch out for skimmers 

July 8: Black-bellied plover

July 15: Killdeer

July 22: Blue jay

July 29: Great horned owl

Aug. 5: Sandwich tern

Aug. 12: Wood duck

Aug. 19: Mottled duck


American kestrel

Aug. 26: American kestrel

Sept. 2: Ruddy turnstone

Sept. 9: Red-tailed hawk

Sept. 16: Crested caracara

Sept. 23: Whimbrel

Sept. 30: Willet

Oct. 7: Piping plover

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