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Longboat Key Thursday, Jun. 7, 2018 2 years ago

Longboat Key Letters to the Editor

Longboat readers sound off on issues.
by: Columnist Columnist
Demanding and insulting won't get it done

There are two significant things that are wrong with the June 7 editorial Blustery But Right.

First, and this is educated opinion, the “blustery” position is not really “right."  While the traffic conditions experienced by Longboat Key drivers and others traveling north from Longboat to Anna Maria are bad to the point of perhaps being an abomination, the circle at Bridge Street is not the primary cause.  It is a nuisance, but one of many slowdowns that once you get by, you are then stopped by the light at Cortez.  As pointed out—much like at St. Armands—the uncontrolled pedestrian crossings throughout the length of Bradenton Beach are the disrupters.

Regardless, the past three mayors and their town managers, have recognized that for Longboat Key to receive any effective relief from traffic impediments off-island, the town needs the buy-in and cooperation of our neighbors.  In years past, some of our neighbors and their citizens viewed Longboat Key as privileged and demanding.  Years of effort have gone into achieving a spirit of having each other’s backs and helping where possible and getting help cooperatively.  For the Observer to encourage rhetoric which, while emotionally satisfying in the moment though ultimately self-defeating, is surprising.  What is not surprising is Mayor Chappie’s “We won’t be pushed around by Longboat” response.

Longboat Key will need to be diligent for years to keep congestion throughout the traffic network at the minimum possible.  We need the help of others.  Demanding and insulting probably will not get it done.

Any Mayor is entitled to his or her own style.  Mayors change as do styles.
What should be consistent is the considered wisdom of the editorial page.

Terry Gans
Longboat Key

No dogs on the beach should mean it

I don't live in Longboat Beach, but as a visitor, I appreciate its beaches and their beauty.

What I don't appreciate are dogs on the beach when I'm told there are none allowed. I recently asked a police officer and he told me that only service dogs with proper paperwork are allowed, but even then with a leash.

I can't tell you the number of people I see with free-running dogs along the beach. If they are providing a service, I don't know what it might be. 

Maybe next time I'll ask. 

Shirley Andres

Savannah, Ga

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