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Osprey Avenue bridge
Sarasota Wednesday, May 31, 2017 1 year ago

Lift Station 87 construction clears hurdle

City officials say the Osprey Avenue bridge is still on track to reopen in July.
by: David Conway Deputy Managing Editor

Last week, crews completed the microtunneling phase of the Lift Station 87 project, clearing a hurdle that previously led to lengthy delays and the city’s decision to fire an engineering firm leading the construction.

The microtunneling, which involves boring small holes into the earth, allows the Lift Station 87 team to install pipes beneath the Hudson Bayou and Luke Wood Park, where the wastewater facility will be located.

This month, crews will begin repairing the road and sidewalks on Osprey Avenue, a segment of which was closed during construction. The Osprey bridge will reopen to pedestrians once the work site is deemed safe, the city announced. The road will reopen for traffic in July.

Construction of Lift Station 87 is expected to continue through 2020. Once complete, the lift station will handle one-third of the city’s wastewater.

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