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Longboat Key Friday, Oct. 9, 2020 7 months ago

Letters to the editor: Watching out for water quality and a dog speaks her mind.

Longboat Key readers sound off.
by: Guest Writer
Ahem, I'm a she, not a he
Clemmy Bishop

I was very excited to have my first cover photo in your fine paper. Than I turned to page 18 and there I was again, but alas, you said I was a “he.” I am an adorable little girl named for my favorite football team.

Clemmie Tiger Bishop (short for Clemson)
Longboat Key
PS:  I told my Mom (BJ Bishop) what to write. I do not type yet.


Ballot measure would help water

Would you be willing to contribute the equivalent of two fast food hamburgers a month, to help assure your children and future generations have access to clean water and the natural beauty of the Gulf Coast? Over four decades I’ve fished local waters and operated a contracting business on Longboat Key. I’ve seen firsthand the connection between the health of our local environment and the health of the businesses on the Suncoast. You don’t have to look any farther than the broad negative effect of all too frequent red tide events on our tourist economy. 

In my first twenty years there were some notable successes as awareness of water quality led to dramatic increase in seagrass coverage in Tampa and Sarasota Bay.

That has all changed in the last decade and now seagrass meadows are disappearing at an alarming rate fueled by excess nitrogen from sewage releases, storm water run-off (exacerbated by development) and myriad other minor insults. The natural habitat that drew us here and that sustains  our economy is seriously threatened.

BUT we can do something about it. On Nov. 3, voters in Manatee County have the opportunity to approve a referendum that will establish dedicated funding in Manatee County to protect water quality, water resources, and fish and wildlife habitat. The need has never been greater and if we don’t act soon and decisively I fear our children and future generations will never have the opportunity to experience the natural wonderland that we all often take for granted.

Please vote YES for the “Water Quality, Fish and Wildlife Habitat Preservation and Parks” funding measure and encourage you neighbors and friends to do the same. Do it for the kids, they will remember you for it.


Rusty Chinnis

Longboat Key 

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