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Longboat Key Monday, Apr. 30, 2018 2 years ago

Letters to the Editor

Readers chime in with their own takes on things.
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Another year, another rite of spring

We raised our glasses for a toast.

“To good health!” I said. “And to another great season!”

I met my friends Paul and Nancy at Harry’s for brunch after church recently.

“You’re part of our farewell tour!” Nancy said, beaming.

This is a familiar rite of spring for all of us down in Florida, as we bid farewell for a few months to our snowbird friends. With winter over, it’s time for many to head back north.

Car carriers make daily pick-ups. The parking lot at my condo complex is barely a quarter full. At 9:30 Mass at St. Mary’s, the back room was closed off. Traffic has subsided. And it’s easy to get into restaurants again!

At Harry’s some of the outside tables were empty. We opted for a cozy corner booth in the main dining room.

For a couple hours, we talked, laughed and shared stories as we enjoyed my favorite brunch on the island. I savored my customary ham and cheese omelette, topped with Harry’s habanero ketchup.

We related news of our families, activities and trips. We reviewed plans for the summer. We even discussed a little bridge; Paul had just scored a magical 72 percent game!

When it was time to head home, we paid our bills (I gave them coupons for free drinks!), grabbed a few mints and lingered for a while on the street. 

“Have a great summer!” I eventually said, giving Nancy a little kiss and a big hug.

“Be good!” Paul said.

Nancy smiled. “See you in the fall!”

Dean Congbalay

Longboat Key and Cincinnati


An ode to the commander in chief

Hair: Russian amber -- a brassy bleach!

Respects no one and nothing -- not even freedom of speech!

Won't listen; can't focus; so stop the preach!

Unwilling to learn . . . hence . . . impossible to teach!

Mentally ill, racist, reckless -- he's each!

Misogynist, yet a womanizing leech!

Normal behavior -- an ungettable reach! 

Narcissistic, yet big baby . . . go back to Palm Beach!

Barriers and bans -- please . . . a halting screech!

Everyday, another breach!

Obstructions, the Reds -- I beseech!

Patriotic Republicans remove and impeach!

A woman still in denial

Melvy E. Lewis

Longboat Key


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