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Longboat Key Thursday, Dec. 5, 2013 4 years ago

Letters to the Editor


+ ACA allows citizens a chance to pursue dreams
Dear Editor:   
The Affordable Care Act provides one extraordinary benefit that I have not heard pundits mention — freedom. It will free those Americans who have been forced to forestall their entrepreneurial ambitions because of the current employer-based insurance system. As of this writing, people are trapped in jobs because they need the health benefits — a family at home, a pre-existing condition.

That trap will disappear Jan. 1. On that date, those who have a dream of entrepreneurship, but who thought they’d have to put off that dream until their Medicare years, will be freed. They will be able to pursue their talents knowing they can provide health care coverage for themselves and their loved ones. I predict that three or four years from now, once the ACA has become an accepted part of our country’s fabric, we will see a flowering of new businesses and innovations like never before.

Yes, the ACA’s online sign-up system has glitches at the moment. But those will go away with time. What will not go away will be the benefits we will all gain from the revitalization of creativity in the U.S.

Georgia Court
Downtown Sarasota

+ Obamacare mimics plot of James Bond Movie
Dear Editor:
When the president originally pitched Obamacare, aka The Affordable Care Act, he promised Americans would get a great deal — if we like our health care coverage, we’d be able to keep it, period. And he also promised that our premiums would be reduced $2,500 a year. And he said if we liked our doctor, we could keep our doctor.

I was skeptical, and I remember thinking that maybe the president would throw in a free TV, as well. Can you say — OBAMAPHONE?

Fast forward five years and now millions of Americans are facing health insurance cancellations, and much higher premiums and deductibles.

Obamacare, in my view, is like a diabolical plot straight out of a James Bond movie. In a typical Bond adventure, our hero (007) is assigned by MI-6 to “investigate” a questionable, shadowy organization or person. As the plot unfolds, Bond discovers the villain’s intent to destroy the world or destabilize a country. And of course, Bond saves the day and gets the girl. It’s been a successful formula for 50 years.

Coincidently, there is one Bond movie that can be compared to Obamacare. In the 1973 film “Live and Let Die,” the villain (a drug lord named Kananga), plans to flood the U.S. market with “free” heroin initially, until millions become addicted. Eventually, Kananga would then charge a fee (of his choosing) to purchase the drug. An added benefit for Kananga (played brilliantly by Yaphet Kotto) would be that all competition would go out of business, leaving him as the only producer and distributor of heroin for years to come. Kind of like a single payer system for junkies. Oops sorry — “for the illegal drug using victim demographic.”

Think about it. Remember, we were promised at least 30 million uninsured to become insured, and no loss of coverage for the rest of us, and at a reduced price too. Mmmmm … and now we have a growing debacle, and it’s no movie script.

One “villain” in the real life nightmare called Obamacare is Ezekiel Emanuel (Rahm’s brother). This player is one of the Affordable Care Act’s main architects. He has written about “The Complete Life System,” which says if you’re younger than 14 years old, or older than 40, you represent a “drag” on the state, and should be denied health care. What a comforting thought coming from a co-author of Obamacare. I’m sure folks on the left would defend Ezekiel’s views no matter what happens. No doubt they would say he loved his mother. Well, by all accounts it has been reported that Hitler had a loving relationship with his mother and even his German shepherd.

Why do I get the feeling that President Obama, Kathleen Sebelius, Valerie Jarrett, Jay Carney, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are high-fiving each other in the Oval Office happily saying that “everything is proceeding on schedule?”

Yep, just like a maniacal plot out of a Bond movie.

Just a little secret folks, especially to the low information voters — socialism, Marxism, and communism have never worked. Just ask people who lived in East Germany in the 1970s and 1980s. Just ask people who have fled Cuba over the past 50 years. Ask folks in North Korea how they’re doing. And finally, ask the millions more of potentially uninsured Americans how they’re doing as of January 2014.

Mark Sieve

+ Dogs should not be allowed on our beaches
Dear Editor:
As a Siesta Key resident, one of the many things I love about the area is the dog-friendly aspect of the island. I would guess that at least two-thirds of my neighbors have one or more dogs, and we get to know them as they parade around. The many restaurants and businesses that welcome our pets is a great addition for residents and visitors alike. We have our beloved older dog that has walked many a Siesta mile. I am known as a dog lover.

But, what I am NOT, is a lover of dogs on our beach. Like many others, I enjoy walking Siesta Beach at dawn and sunset. At those times, on a regular basis, I encounter people with their dogs, sometimes two at a time. I’m not sure if these people feel especially privileged, and/or they are ignorant of the health issues regarding dogs, dog feces and children, but, I feel that the prohibition of dogs on our beaches needs once again to be enforced with violators ticketed. I’ve seen dogs defecate and urinate, and simply picking up the mess is not sufficient.

A little research would reveal that contact with feces could easily result in numerous, serious health problems. These include salmonella, E. coli, giardia and leptospiriosis; diseases that can result in fever, gastro-intestinal issues, liver or kidney failure and diseases of the eye and brain. Children and adults alike should be able to play in the sand without that risk.

It is difficult for another resident to stop someone in an attempt to educate them on the downsides of bringing their beloved canine along on their beachwalk. I hope this letter prompts some dialog amongst residents, and encourages the sheriff to consider enforcement strategies. Our beautiful beach should not suffer.

Carolyn Sanchez
Palm Island





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