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Cops Corner
Sarasota Thursday, Jul. 8, 2010 12 years ago

Cops Corner 07.08.10


June 29
Hidden motives
11 a.m.
— 5500 block of Yorkshire Way. Burglary. A woman reported someone broke into her house and stole more than 40 pieces of jewelry worth about $6,000. She immediately suspected a young neighbor who knocked on her door a few weeks earlier and asked to use the phone. The homeowner refused, and the young woman said, “You’ll pay for this.” A deputy checked with neighbors to see if they’d seen anything. One neighbor said he hadn’t, but then asked the deputy to return. The man said his daughter had admitted to breaking into the woman’s home and stealing the jewelry. All of the stolen items were hidden in the neighbor’s attic.

Return visitor
4 p.m.
— 4700 block of Swift Road. Burglary. A man returned home and saw that his house had been ransacked. His girlfriend’s jewelry was scattered around the house, and his glass back door was shattered. A neighbor noticed a man behind the burglarized house and recognized him. She didn’t think much of it, because he used to live there and thought he was living there again. But the suspect was not currently living in the home at the time of the burglary. The homeowner said he had two territorial dogs that would only allow someone they knew to enter the house. Deputies are searching for that man for questioning.

June 29
Cool new pad
5:23 p.m.
— 4000 block of Crockers Lake Boulevard. Civil Disturbance. After the air conditioning in an apartment unit broke down, the apartment manager moved that tenant into an unoccupied unit, while the A/C was being repaired. After it was fixed, the tenant moved back into his apartment, but called the manager a short time later saying the A/C was still not working, and he wanted to return to the unoccupied unit. The manager inspected the air conditioner and told sheriff’s deputies that it looked like it was intentionally punctured. The air conditioner was fixed again, but the tenant refused to return to his apartment.

Scared straight
9:35 p.m.
— 2800 block of Clark Road. Petit Theft. A supermarket manager saw a customer try to steal a 12-pack of Busch beer. The manager called for assistance over the store’s P.A. system, and that apparently frightened the thief, who put down the beer. He left the store, but came back a half-hour later and put the beer in his backpack. After the store manager recognized the man, he was caught outside the store minutes later.

June 30
Mark it down
7 a.m.
— 500 block of Crane Prairie Way. Criminal Mischief. The complainant said he walked out of his door in the morning to discover damage to his car. Someone had drawn over the entire driver’s side door with black marker. His dealership was able to remove the scribbling.

Pet problems
8:58 a.m.
— 500 block of North Spoonbill Drive. Leash Law. A homeowner was watching her dog in her front yard, when a woman and man walked by with their dog. The front-yard dog went into the street to see the other dog, and the man kicked it. The homeowner rushed out to confront the man and then called police. The man told an officer that he was protecting his dog and that the other dog frequently leaves its front yard and harasses him. The officer told the man to avoid the other dog owner, and he told the homeowner to keep her dog on a leash.

July 1
Leaving on a jet plane
12:21 a.m.
— Golden Gate Point. Suspicious Person. A woman was seen standing in the middle of the road toting luggage and crying. She then began to pace near the entrance to a condominium.


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