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Yes, don’t derail the town project, but get control of it

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We are in agreement with Mayor Ken Schneier. We don’t want Phase 3 of the town center project to be derailed.

But when we urged last week putting on the brakes, that was in response to what clearly has come across: The tail is wagging the dog. Sarasota County is in control and pushing a library.

Longboat Key taxpayers pay for their own police, fire rescue and public works because they want ownership and control of those services. Government is best when it is as close to the people as possible.

Likewise, with Phase 3 of the town center, Longboaters want to be in control of the outcome, not be at the mercy of the county.

If we had a magic wand, the county would appropriate a commensurate level of capital to the town, and the town would be in charge of developing what the town’s residents want, not what the county wants.

Let’s do that.



Matt Walsh

Matt Walsh is the CEO and founder of Observer Media Group.

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