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Where to find the best hot pretzels in Sarasota and Bradenton

Peachey's serves up Amish baked goods from a food truck and plans to open a storefront in The Landings this fall.
Peachey's serves up Amish baked goods from a food truck and plans to open a storefront in The Landings this fall.
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If you know anything about my husband, you know he loves baseball.

His admiration for the sport began as a kid, when he would follow his late grandpa Ray down to the furnished basement to watch the game on TV while everyone else chit-chatted upstairs. 

His grandpa's wealth of baseball knowledge was passed on to my husband, who continues to study the game. He knows every team, player, stadium, championship or random statistic. (This comes in handy when we are playing trivia or are sitting on the couch watching "Jeopardy.") 

But love of the game extended beyond that basement, past the diamonds he pitched on as a kid and farther then trivia nights. Baseball stadiums happen to be one of my husband's favorite places to eat. 

Why? Hot pretzels during the seventh-inning stretch. 

For National Pretzel Day, I figured I'd treat my MVP husband to one (if not all) of the best local places to savor a warm, salty and twisted dough of deliciousness. 

Food + Beer

4804 14th St. W., Bradenton, 941-751-2675; 5446 Fruitville Road, Sarasota, 941-444-7823; 6529 Superior Ave., Sarasota, 941-952-3361; 1525 Fourth St. Unit B, Sarasota, 941-444-1101; 301 S. Tamiami Trail, Venice, 941-867-3780;

Food + Beer's giant Bavarian pretzel ($11.49) with a side of honey mustard and white queso.
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Don't Be Salty: My husband and I were driving back from visiting my 96-year-old grandmother in Hilton Head, South Carolina, when he looked at me and said, "When we get home, I want a hot pretzel." My husband does so much for me: He lets me have my hooligan friends over without warning, he goes to Taylor Swift concerts with me and he has been caught wearing Chicago Cubs gear to support my preferred team. The least I could do was find this man his favorite salty snack. Leave it to Food + Beer, open until 1 a.m. and with a menu ranging from Mexican to Italian and everything in between, to deliver their giant Bavarian pretzel ($11.49) right to our doorstep with a side of honey mustard and a side of white queso. 

All You Knead: My husband's second favorite menu item is rice bowls. This local chain has a menu full of bountiful bowls. The Cali hot Cobb ($13.99) with Buffalo stewed chicken, cheddar, guacamole, bacon, pico de Gallo, black bean and corn salsa and tobacco-fried onions on sticky rice is our most-ordered bowl.


Food truck schedule varies;

Peachey's pretzels in paradise — what could be better?
Photo by Emma Burke Jolly

Don't Be Salty: While the local truck may be shutting down early this year, I couldn't leave out this perfect pretzel place. You frequently can find the phenomenal twisted knots of amazingness at Phillippi Farmhouse Market on Wednesdays from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Peachey's is a family-owned business serving up authentic Amish baked goods from a food truck. But a little foodie birdie told me there may be a storefront opening at The Landings this fall. So keep this on your must-eat-before-I-die-or-leave-Sarasota list. You won't regret the pleasant feeling left in your belly from this pretzel.

All You Knead: "Do nut" forget a glazed doughnut. Whatever kind of day you're having, after one bite of a Peachey's delectable pastry, it will only get better. If you have the opportunity to get a specialty doughnut (chocolate iced, strawberry or coconut flakes), be sure to get in line before they sell out!

Siegfried's Restaurant and German Biergarten 

1869 Fruitville Road, Sarasota; 941-330-9330;

Siegfried's Restaurant and German Biergarten giant bretzel & snef ($12.90).
Photo by Emma Burke Jolly

Don't Be Salty: My dad and my husband would always get into trouble at this German establishment. The owners, Kim and René, are originally from Erkelenz, Germany (the town over from where I lived in Cologne for a short stint). They are two of the most hospitable and kind people you will ever meet. They employ people with the same drive, heart and passion for good food — making it one of the best places to celebrate Oktoberfest. I would understand if their patience was tested when my dad and husband started drinking das boots! But they would be tolerable as long as one giant bretzel & snef ($12.90) was at the table. The larger-than-life pretzel is served with sensational sweet Bavarian mustard and medium-spicy mustard from the owners' hometown.

All You Knead: My dad's favorite were the rheinische reibekuchen ($14.90). They will forever remind me of him, and the smile he had scarfing down the disks of deliciousness. Order these crispy potato pancakes with applesauce (our pick) or cucumber cream cheese, spring salad mix with raspberry vinaigrette and German pumpernickel bread. Add smoked salmon for $4.90.

3 Keys Brewing and Gastrobrew

2505 Manatee Ave. E, Bradenton; 941-218-0396; 

The munchies section of 3 Keys' menu is limitless.
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Don't Be Salty: My brother-in-law works for a brewery up in North Carolina. One of the things that he and my husband bond over, beside their addiction to chess, is their love of the dynamic duo of pretzels and perfectly poured beer. 3 Keys is full of great people, even better beer and the get-out-of-here ginormous Bavarian pretzel ($10). The pretzel served at this Bradenton brewery comes with spicy pub mustard or honey mustard. Patrons who love pretzels can also add the delicious warm 3 Keys beer cheese that makes everyone a little less salty.

All You Knead: The munchies section of their menu is limitless, but the Two Hot Chicks is my choice: Buffalo chicken eggrolls with jalapeño ranch. What more could you want with a cold beer?

Mandeville Beer Garden

428 N. Lemon Ave, Sarasota; 941-954-8688;

Mandeville's jumbo Bavarian-style pretzel ($12) is served with gruyere beer cheese and house mustard.
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Don't Be Salty: My husband and I have been living in our 1,300-square-foot home with two 20-pound cats and Zoey, our family dog who is a 12-year-old lab-boxer-Australian cattle mix. Zoey loves to join us out at eateries, preferably with picnic tables so she can sit with us. Mandeville's outdoor patio makes her happy. The fresh baked pretzel ($12) makes my husband ecstatic while the beer choices make me tipsy in love. Their jumbo Bavarian-style pretzel is served with gruyere beer cheese and house mustard.

All You Knead: Save room for the buttermilk chicken sandwich ($14). My friend from Palmetto would drive down daily if she could for this sammy made with spicy ranch, lettuce, tomato, red onion on a brioche bun.



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