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Manatee seeks volunteers to serve on environmental lands committee

The Environmental Lands Management and Acquisition Committee will make recommendations on environmental land acquisition and management issues.

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Manatee County is continuing its effort to form its board for the Environmental Lands Management and Acquisition Committee.

ELMAC makes recommendations to the County Commission on environmental land acquisition and management issues, which involve recreational planning and establishing programs for public lands, according to a Manatee County press release. ELMAC also serves as the Tree Advisory Board.

The group protects land and water resources, preserves fish and wildlife habitats, and provides for passive recreation for the citizens of the county.

The release said five positions are available, and all carry three-year terms. Volunteers sought are a member of an environmental group; one involved in banking, finance or real estate; one involved in education or active outdoor sports; one employed by the Manatee County School Board; and a member of the Florida Engineering Society.

The new members will be appointed by the County Commission with reappointment at the discretion of the board.

ELMAC also is responsible for implementing the community-initiated Conservation and Parks Projects Referendum. That referendum was passed by voters in November 2020. The referendum authorizes the county to spend up to $50 million in the collected tax proceeds for the acquisition, improvement and management of land to reach the program's goals.

ELMAC meets the first Monday of every other month, excluding holidays, at 6 p.m. in the Manatee County Administration Building.

For more information, go to, or call ELMAC Liaison Debra Woithe at 742-5923, ext. 6052.

Applications are due Sept. 2.


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