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Hands-on type of Lakewood Ranch student

McNeal fourth grader enjoys art project in the park.

Avery Ruffing. Photo by Liz Ramos
Avery Ruffing. Photo by Liz Ramos
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Avery Ruffing. Photo by Liz Ramos
Avery Ruffing. Photo by Liz Ramos

She’s a hands-on type of student

Avery Ruffing, a fourth grade e-learning student at Gilbert W. McNeal Elementary School, was so focused on her pouring paint art project at Adventure Park Sept. 2, she didn't notice light blue paint was getting all over her hands. She five other McNeal students were gathered there for the project while social distancing.

After watching her paint choices of blue, magenta and gold blend together on her canvas, Ruffing rubbed her hands together, spreading the blue paint. 

"I look like a Smurf," Ruffing said while showing her hands to a group of e-learners.


Schools graced with supplies

Grace Community Church members, including missionary Juno

Juno Llamado. Courtesy photo.
Juno Llamado. Courtesy photo.

Llamado, were anxious to help teachers start the new school year on the right foot.
They provided teachers within their congregation, at schools throughout Sarasota County and at Imagine School at Lakewood Ranch, with back to school supplies and about 200 teacher gift bags.