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Voters deserve the truth

The integrity of the national election process far outweighs Biden’s unofficial victory claim.

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Hold on, folks. Don’t rush to judgment.

You would think anyone with a sense of fair play would say that reassuring Americans of the integrity of our elections is far more important than declaring an early unofficial victory.

You can be sure that’s what 71 million American Trump voters  are convinced should be done.

They deserve truth and transparency.

Seriously. If you read and believe in the U.S. Constitution, contrary to the pronouncements of Joe Biden and the Democrat Party Machine (e.g., most notably its media shill proxies and voter-suppression pollsters), Biden technically is not president-elect. The official counting is far from complete, nor certified.

Those of us who lived through the 2000 Bush-Gore recounts in Florida remember that it took until Dec. 12, 2000 — 37 days — for the U.S. Supreme Court to rule Bush won Florida. And that was for recounts in only one state and three of its counties.

As of this publication, it has been only nine days since the election. What’s more, the scope and magnitude of the suspected nefariousness is far beyond what occurred in 2000 in Florida.

This cycle’s concerted and deliberate strategy to do whatever it took to defeat Donald Trump  started with H.R. 1, misnamed the “For the People Act,” filed March 19, 2019, by Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives. Read it. Talk about a recipe for voter fraud.

Subsequent to that, Democrat Party representatives filed hundreds of lawsuits and bills in state legislatures with the intent to remove most of the safeguards that have helped this country maintain the integrity of its elections for two-and-a-half centuries. The results of these efforts occurred Nov. 3.

We’ll say it again: If you have even half of a fairness bone in your body, you’d have to ask yourself, why did the alleged misdeeds occur only in states and cities that Democrats control? And why, in particular, in key Democrat-controlled battleground states? It’s beyond any rational thinking that this was coincidence.

One more time: If you have even half of a fairness bone in your body and you’re on the Biden side, you would want the process to play out the way it is stipulated in the Constitution.

To do otherwise will be the death of American exceptionalism and 240 years of the successful experiment that has carried on the legacy of the Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

If the legal challenges are not resolved fairly, you can be sure half of American voters will never, ever, ever believe the results of future elections — especially those from Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.

Just as bad: We will have joined the ranks of all other crooked, tin-pot hellholes with rigged elections.   

If Biden beats Donald Trump according to the rules, then so be it.

But at this point, the legal process is in its early stages. In this charged moment, honest, ethical, fair-minded patriots would put the sanctity of the Constitution and our elections  above politics.



Matt Walsh

Matt Walsh is the CEO and founder of Observer Media Group.

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