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Kesha delivers "Godzilla" on request

My OMG days are winding down, the Black Tie App is working on updating, a local fashionista paints with color and more this week.

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  • | 6:10 a.m. April 3, 2019
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A Black Tie App-date 

You may be wondering, “When is the Black Tie app going to be updated?”

While the height of season has us all a bit behind and playing catch-up, rest assured: We’re working on it. 

For those of you interested in next year’s events, we will have the ones we have received loaded into the app by April 15. If you haven’t submitted your event yet, please do so on the app’s calendar. 

And for those of you waiting on the social registry entries, expect to see your page up by the end of the month. If you would like to be included in the social registry, you can now input your information through the registry tab on the app.

Also, can I get an “app-plause” from those of you who are loving the app’s features, including seeing the galleries, stories and upcoming events? We’ll keep ‘em coming!

Throw some glitter, make it rain(bow)

Umbreen Khalidi-Majeed at Firefly Gala.
Umbreen Khalidi-Majeed at Firefly Gala.

When it comes to color, Umbreen Khalidi-Majeed not only knows how to wear it, but also pair it.

She can match colors like a boss, even if those colors are every color of the rainbow. This year’s Firefly Gala brought in pop star Kesha, who’s latest album is called “Rainbow,” making Umbreen’s rainbow-colored attire a perfect choice.

She found the Halpern dress online, and paired it with big diamond earrings and vintage Dior kitten heel boots for a solid balance.

We also love her attention to detail. Her clutch says her name on it, so we know it will never be lost. Plus, she’s rocking a double veggie cheeseburger ring from Nadine Gosheh – yes, you read that right. Umbreen says it was a gift from her mother, who “humors my irreverent fashion whims.”

(Not really) "goodbye"

Word is getting around that I am saying “goodbye” to the Observer Media Group – and if you’ve heard the news, it’s true.

Although, not just yet. I’m finishing out the season, and am very excited to have Girls Inc. Celebration Luncheon be my final event as your Black Tie Editor.

So while it still feels like it’s a ways away to that final day, it’s coming up much too quickly.

Know of someone who would rock this job? Send them my way!

As for me, you’re not completely rid of me. I’m staying in Sarasota – it’s my home now! And thanks to all of you, I have been inspired to focus my next chapter on making a difference in this community in the biggest and best way I can.



Another year of sparkling ... Safe Place Rape and Crisis Center President and CEO Jessica Hays and her husband, Nathan,

Jessica and Nathan Hays
Jessica and Nathan Hays

 celebrated their 16th anniversary at the SPARCC annual gala. SPARCCle in the City: “Black and White Ball” was hosted March 30 at The Westin Sarasota. Jessica says Nathan isn’t too keen on going to galas, but at least they could be extra “SPARCCly” while celebrating another year of love. A special request ... After a few songs at Kesha’s concert, she announced that she had a request during the meet-and-greet from gala Starlight sponsor, Jeff Steinwachs, to play “Godzilla,” a song off her new album, “Rainbow.” So she delivered, and as a bonus, she threw him (who was front and center for the show) her “sweaty towel.”


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