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Possible overdose may be cause of death of man in Myakka City

Man admits to first responders that he used large quantities of methamphetamine.

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A Manatee County Sheriff's office report indicates a man's death in Myakka City on Saturday may been caused by a drug overdose.

A Sheriff's Office deputy responded at 11:30 a.m. to 12000 Mobley Pond Lane (Dakin Dairy) after a report of a man being passed out in his truck on the property.

When the deputy arrived, the man was approximately 100 yards from his truck on the ground. EMS and Myakka Fire Department responders attempted to help the man, who was in a "delusional and erratic" state according to the Sheriff's Office report. The man grabbed a broken fence pole during treatment and started swinging it at first responders.

The first responders managed to get the man on the ground and he was subdued with handcuffs. EMS workers continued to assist the man, who became unconscious. EMS started emergency life saving procedures and transported him to Lakewood Ranch Medical Center, where he later was pronounced dead.

The Sheriff's Office reported noted the man had admitted to using large quantities of methamphetamine the night before.



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