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Mid-Key beach project sand could help restore south end

Town Manager Dave Bullock is prepared to use some truck-hauled sand to help offset sand losses on the south end of the Key while a permit is pending for a New Pass sand dredging project.

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  • | 10:22 a.m. January 29, 2016
  • Longboat Key
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Just how bad is the sand erosion on the south end of Longboat Key?

It’s bad enough that Town Manager Dave Bullock is considering using some sand for a $10 million mid-Key beach project set to begin in April for the south end behind properties such as L’Ambiance and The Pierre that have major erosion issues.

In a Jan. 28 email to L’Ambiance resident James Ware, Bullock said the erosion Ware is worried about is his top priority.

“We will likely have to supplement the New Pass sand with some truck-hauled sand,” Bullock said. “We are working with the Key Club to obtain all the necessary approvals for that project as well. Our objective is get sand on the beach in your area as soon as possible.”

The town received an intent to issue permit from the Army Corps of Engineers permit two weeks ago for a $3 million New Pass dredging project that will place 250,000 cubic yards of sand on the south end.

The town will put the project out to bid and seeks to start this summer, right after a $10,983,192 mid-Key sand restoration project that’s bringing 250,000 cubic yards of sand to the Key via dump trucks starts in April.

The third project that’s still awaiting a final federal permit is a $3.5 million Longboat Pass dredging project that will bring 200,000 cubic yards of sand from Gulfside Road north to the North Shore Road beach access.

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