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Dear Santa

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  • | 5:00 a.m. December 24, 2013
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Students at East County schools have been busy the last few weeks as they prepare their Christmas wish lists for Santa Claus. Here is a sampling of letters students shared with the East County Observer.

Dear Santa,
I was very good to my family this year, How are you doing with your helpers and Rudolph? Does Rudolph have a cold? My cousin seen you at the mall and he “said” love you Santa he is soo cute. That was all my cousin and mama and aunt. My cousin was getting his ear pierced. I want a Phone that has games on it, a toy car that you get in it and drive, a tablet, a ipod, a ipad, a I phone 5. I want what ever you wont
Your friend, Belicia Spry
— Second grade, Bashaw Elementary

Dear Santa,
How is the randeer doing. I have Ben good this Year. I wont a stuf dolfin. Can I have a stuf animal Dog? I wont a Hamser.
With love from, Alira Gervais
— First grade, McNeal Elementary School

Dear Santa:
I was a good girl this year. I love diamods. Could you get me some for christmas? You are the best Santa! Please get me some Toys. Thank you. You are wonderful Santa!! I love your elfs. Santa thank you for Jingle.
Love your friend Maddie Homan, First grade, Imagine School at Lakewood Ranch

Dear Santa,
Sant I want only 7 things this christmas. I want a yokealaley and i want a new scooter thats red. Also a new set of cater gear for baseball. really want an ipod. Maybe I can get a teenis ball so i can play with my dogs!! Last thing of that will change every think is that my dads foot will heal. I really hope these things happen.
your friend, Luke Nelson
— Third grade, Braden River Elementary

Dear Santa,
I want a new takel box becus I luve fishing. I have ben fishing my hol life it is fun. I hop you can pot lots of thangs like huks and waxs and a new fishin pol to.
Luve Jacob Driggeres, second grade, B.D. Gullett Elementary

Dear Santa,
Im excited that it is all most Christmas. How are the elves, Mrs. Claus, Reindeer?
Santa I’ve been a good girl this year. And even my brother. For Christmas I would like the gymnasticks bar So I can learn how to do more flips. And I Want a new bike because My bike has a flat tired and the tire has a hole in it. And I want new book’s mine are babyish and they are weird too.
I need book’s so I can get better at reading and I can learn more word’s, and learn how to spell word’s. I wan a new puppy too because my boy dog want’s a sister so he is not playing alone. So he can have fun playing with her too. I want a elf on the shelf because because they Fly. And they eat your candy they wake you up when your sleeping at night too. I want an American girl doll too because their really cute. I need clothes for my American girl doll. Thanks for coming to my house evrey Christmas.
Love Chloey Babcock
— Second grade, Freedom Elementary School



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