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Letter to the Editor

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  • | 4:00 a.m. March 28, 2012
  • Longboat Key
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+ Rajewski represented homeowners’ values
Dear Editor:

Ray Rajewski and the home-owning voters of Longboat Key sent a message to the commissioners.If Ray Rajewski had two more weeks or was running against any other commissioner, Ray would have won.Ray is just a really nice guy, someone we want to represent the homeowners’ values of Longboat Key.We found out that the Longboat Key Club wasn’t falling down or was going to fail.

The club just received a AAA Four-Diamond Resort Award, such a high rating, and does not need the rezoning to “save” the club and reverse the collapse of Longboat Key.I guess we all were all lied to, and you know who they are, remember that in the next election.This was a fun election. I just wish that the homeowners, instead of the developers, had won.

Just 90 votes, that is why your vote is so important.The next election is coming soon.See you all at the polls.
Bob Craft
Longboat Key


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