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  • | 5:00 a.m. March 3, 2011
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Feb. 21
Window dressing
9:40 a.m. — 1600 block of Main Street.
Suspicious Incident. Complainant reported two people trying to crawl through a church window. Upon arrival, an officer spoke to a church employee, who was seated underneath the window. The employee said nobody was trying to burglarize the church, rather she was handing out free food through the window.

Miss Manners
7:22 p.m. — 1900 block of Bay Road
. Petit Theft. A frozen-yogurt shop clerk noticed a car with two young women seemingly casing the shop, because they were driving slowly past. After one pass, the car stopped, and the passenger entered the shop. She asked for a sample of yogurt. As the clerk turned around to get a sample, the young woman said, “Thanks, b****,” grabbed the tip jar and ran out of the store. The thief got $15. About 20 minutes later, an identical crime occurred at the same yogurt shop’s second location on Clark Road. That time, the thief did not say, “Thank you.”

Feb. 22
Let down your guard
1:11 a.m. — 8300 block of Wingate Drive
. Battery. A woman was out for a walk and saw her housing complex’s security guard sitting inside the pool area. She said she asked him when he was going to do his patrol, and he ran up to her and cursed at her. He reportedly said, “I’m coming after your $!%.” The woman said the guard then grabbed her arm and tried to throw her to the ground. A deputy examined her arm and saw no marks or redness. The guard was then interviewed; he had a different version of events. He said he was on his break at the pool, when the woman approached him and began to yell. He said she got in his face and was pointing her finger in his face. He admitted swatting her finger away from him. He said she has caused many problems in the neighborhood and was mentally unstable. The deputy did not make any arrests because of a lack of witnesses and evidence.

Stunt woman
4:52 a.m. — 3000 block of Wood Street.
Suspicious Incident. A woman was seen hanging off a man’s car while he drove down the street. She reportedly fell off the car. Police arrived and tried to talk to the woman, but she said she did not want to file a report. She said her ex-boyfriend had moved into her home the previous day, but he was not going to stay there any longer.

Lease of their worries
10:45 p.m. — 1900 block of Adams Lane
. Theft. A woman, who leased her building and restaurant equipment to two tenants, reported her restaurant equipment was stolen. It was valued at $10,000. The landlord said when the couple ended their lease, they took all the equipment with them.

Feb. 23
Sweet talker
1:30 a.m. — 10 block of South Lime Avenue
. Suspicious Person. After a convenience-store clerk refused to sell alcohol to a young man who did not have identification, the young man became irate. He threatened to “blow the clerk’s head off,” before storming out of the store.
Police were not able to find him.



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