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Letters to the Editor

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  • | 4:00 a.m. April 7, 2011
Governor Rick Scott
Governor Rick Scott
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+ Gov. Scott earns an ‘A’ on his report card
Dear Editor:
Bravo! Your March 17 editorial assessing Gov. Scott’s initiatives is spot-on. My favorite lines included: “Too bad” for senior politicos who have to fly commercial; “Politics be hanged” when it comes to doing the right thing; and, my favorite, “Don’t blink.” I only wish our other Sarasota papers were as insightful.
Chris Albright

+ Former journalist knows of ‘barbarians’
Dear Editor:
Thank you for Rod Thomson’s insightful “Needed: Barbarian with a Pen” column. As a former television and radio journalist, I have experienced first-hand “that kind of sicko.” The questionable hygiene was mostly in the mental department. They just aren’t like the rest of us.

I remember working for the investigative reporter of a Tampa Bay TV station. His instructions regarding the restaurant inspectors were to “follow them until they do something wrong.” That’s right, so much for the presumed innocent thing. It was always presumed — and then advanced by the promotions department — that we’d found dirt. Someone’s wrong, and we’re on top of it. Unfortunately, Mr. Hot Shot Reporter went on to ABC/Good Morning America. I went to Bay News 9. Not that there’s anything wrong with Bay News 9. I do appreciate their more human and humane approach.

I remember hearing Cal Thomas lament that it’s unfortunate that more Christians don’t go into journalism. Not that he’s saying Christians will “save” journalism, but that he sees the dark field that needs truth. My, what better place for proponents of truth than the field of journalism? What do we/they have to fear?
Thank you for your words. Stand firm and speak up.
Sondra Guffey
Lakewood Ranch

+ Paper’s job posting pulled back the veil
Dear Editor:
Thank you for your thoughtful perspective on the Sarasota Herald-Tribune “sicko” job posting.  I have wondered who would be the one to expose the Sarasota Herald-Tribune for hiring investigative reporters with a dysfunctional moral compass. As it turns out, they did it to themselves. But I thank you for shining the light a little brighter on their faux pas.
Growing up in Sarasota, the Herald-Tribune was a staple in our household. I went on to become a journalism student at the University of Florida. I wanted to pursue a career in journalism. But something has happened since then. Investigative journalism has lost its luster, and it’s especially true for the Herald-Tribune. I’ve seen and heard of too many good and reputable people in Sarasota getting tangled up in the “gotcha” articles they love to claim they are so dedicated to writing every week.

Again, thank you. I enjoyed your point of view and appreciate your willingness to expose the job posting in full to the public. The public should know what kind of reading material they are bringing to the breakfast table in the morning. My appetite would surely dwindle if I dosed myself with that paper everyday.
Lindsey Messick

+ Creating jobs by understanding retail
Dear Editor:
From January through November 2010, Sarasota County, with 2.1% of Florida’s population, had less than 1.3% of Florida’s sales ($9.5 billion of $735 billion). If Sarasota County’s leaders knew how retail works so that we were average, we could increase retail sales by $6 billion per year, resulting in thousands of new jobs in our county. Unlike the Jackson Lab proposal, which requires $200 million in public financing, we can improve how we do retail at little or no cost.   
Brian O’Connell
Hodgell Gallery

+ Reader fesses up: She was ‘April Fooled’
Dear Editor:
Oh, did you get this old reader, but good! I thought as I read the opening page, “Oh, me, what next?” as I know how the politicians are struggling to get people back downtown. Also I was around when the real Unconditional Surrender took place, so I was happy it was going to stay someplace! Then came the Walter. Good grief! Even the Waldorf, where I honeymooned with my still-active Navy husband, is feeling the economic pinch? When I came to the page of squished pictures I was really feeling sorry for you, as I receive the Sarasota Observer free of charge. I almost considered asking if I could pay for it, as I enjoy it so much! But I, too, am hit by the economic downturn. May your advertisers continue and increase!
Florence Marino

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