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Sarasota Players committed to community

The CEO of The Sarasota Players writes that his organization is focused on entertaining, educating and engaging.

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  • | 5:00 a.m. April 18, 2024
A partnership with the city of Sarasota would turn Payne Park auditorium into the new home of The Sarasota Players.
A partnership with the city of Sarasota would turn Payne Park auditorium into the new home of The Sarasota Players.
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It’s difficult to describe the affection and connection we have to this community. Not for lack of words, but because it’s unspoken. Like a family member that you share a knowing look with, or a friend you’ve been close with for decades, we are tied together regardless of the circumstances. We are beyond lucky to have this support.

William Skaggs
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At The Sarasota Players this is where we find ourselves. In a unique space nestled somewhere between past, present and future. Without moving forward, we do not honor all that has brought us here, to this moment, with so much ahead. Most importantly, we don’t honor the relationship we’ve shared with Sarasota for nearly 100 years.

It’s no secret we have faced challenges. But the advantage of facing challenges only reconfirms what most already know: The Sarasota Players is here to stay, and our commitment to this community is everlasting. 

Our partnership with the city of Sarasota continues to grow, along with the plans to develop our new home, The Stage at Payne Park. The support and guidance from the Sarasota City Commission and city staff has been immeasurable. Their encouragement to keep moving forward with our design process is exciting. The response from other arts organizations who may be future users of The Stage has also been positive and supportive.

As we move closer to our 95th season announcement, know it’s being carefully developed, with consideration, patience, and vision. Staff, board members, and members of the community are working diligently to finalize the 95th season. We will utilize this approach across our organization going forward. 

Collaborative decision-making is not a new way to run a theater or a community. Those we work with now and in the future will have a passion for theatre, a dedication to collaboration and communication with the creativity and expertise to drive success. This process is the right choice to help guide us during such an important moment and to continue engaging and conversing with those who have supported us. 

We are thinking beyond momentary success. We are thinking of growth, of the future, and continuing to push the performing arts forward. We are ultimately thinking of you.

Join us in this approach that is reflective of our history and the ways our theater has evolved, because our future is bright. This is an exciting time. As we continue moving forward one thing is certain; as the area’s first performing arts organization, we will always stay the course of our mission: to entertain, educate, and engage the community through high-quality live theater. That will never change.

William Skaggs is the CEO of The Sarasota Players.


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