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Performing Art
Sara Bagley
Arts and Entertainment Wednesday, Feb. 2, 2011 6 years ago

Sara Bagley reveals her 'Ringling in Bloom' design (VIDEO)

by: Heidi Kurpiela Contributing Writer

For her contribution to “Ringling in Bloom,” Sara Bagley created a floral design based on Italian Renaissance painter Francesco Granacci’s “The Assumption of the Virgin.”

She selected the painting for its burgundy colors, which matched a container she purchased last year in Portland, Ore.

Using blue delphinium flowers to represent the Virgin Mary and red bamboo pillars to represent the five saints, Bagley laced calla lilies and green leaves among the bamboo stalks to recreate the composition of Granacci’s 16th century painting.

In the center of the arrangement she stuck a yellow pincushion protea that doesn’t require much water.

For more on Bagley, pick up a copy of this week's Observer.

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