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Arts and Entertainment Tuesday, Sep. 24, 2013 4 years ago

Popcorn Bob's Movie Magic

by: Popcorn Bob

Popcorn Key
One Popcorn: Flop
Two Popcorns: Wait till it’s on video
Three Popcorns: Go see it
Four Popcorns: Standing ovation

Three Popcorns

Genre: Suspense/Thriller
Cast: Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Melissa Leo, Paul Dano, Maria Bello
Director: Denis Vileneuve
Rating: R

Comment: Two hours and 33 minutes is a long time to be on the edge of your seat, but this one sets the record for that experience. A wide range of emotions will flood through you in this realistic and well-acted, plot-twisting, thriller about the investigation of two abducted kids. What could/would you do if they were yours?

'The Artist And The Model'
Three Popcorns

Genre: Foreign/Drama
Cast: Jean Rochefort, Aida Folch, Claudia Cardinale
Director: Fernando Trueba
Rating: R

Comment: A sensitive and moving story of a famous, old sculpture working with a young and "perfect" model, in his mind, on his last work. Captivating.

'Thanks For Sharing'
Three Popcorns

Genre: Drama
Cast: Mark Ruffalo, Gwyneth Paltrow, Tim Robbins, Josh Gad, Alecia Moore
Director: Stuart Blumberg
Rating: R

Comment: A smart, complex and often funny story about the ripple effects of addiction on relationships.

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