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New construction on Siesta Key by NC Ferguson Construction. Photos by Heather Merriman.
Arts and Entertainment Wednesday, Jul. 2, 2014 6 years ago

Opposites attract: Blending contemporary and traditional design


It may seem unusual to design a home with two opposing design styles, but there are aspects of both designs that appeal to many people’s senses, as well as aspects they dislike. Luckily, choosing one style over the other is not a design requirement. It’s quite common (and becoming a trend among designers and architects) to use the appealing characteristics of contemporary design — the clean lines, neutral color pallets and understated décor — with the rich woods, linens and warmth that define traditional design.

Nick Ferguson of NC Ferguson Construction has done just that with his latest project on Siesta Key. Taking us through the recently completed home, he explains how his company mixed contemporary and traditional design, and he provides suggestions for bringing more of either looks into the home.

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