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Longboat Key Wednesday, Jun. 19, 2013 4 years ago

Letters to the Editor


+ Get your facts right
Dear Editor:

Last week’s editorial denunciation of Village residents — “with their opposition so strident” to Mar Vista Dockside Restaurant & Pub’s most recent expansion efforts — fails to meet minimal journalistic standards.

You claim: “It would be a strain (for Ed Chiles) to be a pleasant host to some of the Villagers who are campaigning to drive his restaurant back to 60 seats from the 113 he now has.”

That’s totally untrue. Had you read the application and files at Town Hall, you would have discovered that Mar Vista is already authorized to have 169 seats, which the neighbors do not seek to reduce.

They do object to Mar Vista’s application to add still more seats to increase that total to 180.

By visiting Town Hall you also might have discovered that two recent seat counts by town employees revealed the actual number of already existing seats at Mar Vista to be 192, not the authorized 169 and certainly not the mere 113 that you incorrectly allege.

The neighbors did oppose reconstruction of the Jordan House, presently an office/storage space, but you did not mention that it would then have the capacity to accommodate up to 150 additional customers for weddings or special events, albeit in standing rather than seated mode so as not to require more parking spaces!

You also failed to mention that the neighbors voiced no objection to a major alteration of the restaurant, which would include the addition of a second floor with a new dining area to replace the indoor dining area below with a gift shop.

Finally, was your reporter not present at the Town Commission’s June 3 public meeting, when Mr. Chiles represented to all present that Mar Vista currently has 168 seats?

You are entitled to editorialize your extreme views, but not to unfairly malign the good people of the Village with false factual allegations.
Edward Zunz
Longbeach Village

+ Correction
Edward Zunz in the above letter is correct. We printed the incorrect number of seats currently permitted at the Mar Vista. The correct number is 169.
— Ed.

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