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Longboat Key Wednesday, Mar. 14, 2012 5 years ago

Letter to the Editor


+ Rajewski responds
Dear Editor:
Here are a few observations concerning your “Profile in leadership: Brenner”:

• Brenner’s leadership: He does have a record of leadership, and it has been focused on bringing more expansive development and tourism to the Key with disregard for the town code and Longboat Key’s historic character as an upscale residential and active retirement community.

• Paying dues and coming up through the ranks: That sounds a lot like the military. This concept has resulted in a Town Commission of cronies who, by insinuating themselves into the town’s various boards and committees, have taken control of the town with the help of the business community.

• Against development: You mischaracterized my position. I am for redevelopment and responsible development that conforms to town code. I am against over-development, of which the approved Key Club project is a prime example.

• Brenner wants “a balance”: Where was this sense of balance when he voted to approve the overbuilt Key Club project? According to testimony by the town’s planning, zoning and building director, its size and scale were one of the reasons she recommended against approval of the plan.

• The Brenner vision plan: This verbose document contains 79 references to tourism/commercial/business development and describes Longboat Key prominently as a “recreational community.” Rather than exemplifying a vision, it is more like a road map for justifying increased tourism on the Key.

Ray Rajewski
District 3 candidate for Town Commission

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