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Performing Art
Layla Copeland
Arts and Entertainment Wednesday, Mar. 30, 2011 6 years ago


by: Pam Eubanks Senior Editor

Layla Copeland juggles two careers: co-owner of Serving Spoon and a designer of handmade handbags and clothes. Learn more about her in our candid Q&A.

1. COMFY COZY: The first thing Layla Copeland ever sewed was a pillow. “A gigantic tropical pillow,” Copeland says, chuckling. “My mom was kind enough to put the hideous thing on the couch for years.”

2. CANINE COMPANION: Copeland adores her dog, Coconut. “I have a fantastic dog,” she says of the old white Siberian Husky.

3. PLAYING WITH DOLLS: Copeland began making dolls after her best friend had a baby. The child enjoyed the fabrics, colors and textures, inspiring Copeland to make more.

4. CUSTOMER SERVICE: Copeland said her favorite part of owning a restaurant is talking with customers. “I’ve made good friends from people coming in over the years,” she said.

5. SEAMSTRESS: Besides making purses, Copeland also enjoys designing her own clothes. “I make dresses for myself,” Copeland said. “I do sell them, but I only make certain sizes — essentially my size.”


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