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Arts and Entertainment Monday, Apr. 28, 2014 7 years ago

Five reasons to see 'My One and Only' at the Manatee Performing Arts Center

by: Kathryn Parks

“My One and Only” runs May 1 through 18 at the Manatee Performing Arts Center. Depending on your date of birth and level of interest in tall dance legends or skinny fashion icons, you might find yourself unfamiliar with this show.

It showcases music by (my favorite) George and Ira Gershwin and was originated by Tommy Tune and Twiggy in 1983 on Broadway.

I am playing the Twiggy part — Edythe Herbert — and in case you need any extra convincing, here are five brief reasons you should see it:

  1. Melodies by Gershwin: "Nice Work if You Can Get It," "Strike Up the Band," "Can’t Be Bothered Now." Come for some of these wonderful songs performed by who Kim Cool, of the Venice Gondolier Sun, has called “one of the best singers in the area” (you can guess to whom I am referring, here).
  2. Toe-tapping tap tunes: Remember the good 'ole days of musicals when falling in love meant a tap dance and people would parachute onstage for no reason? There is plenty of that in this show!
  3. A cinematic masterpiece of a silent movie: “My One and Only” is a surprisingly multimedia experience boasting its own silent film ... within a song ... within a scene ... within in a musical.
  4. Because “Singing in the Rain” isn’t the only musical with water dancing!: Yes, this was a fun surprise for me, too. It suffices to say, the musicians in the pit better be wearing their rain coats.
  5. Support your local theater: Season is pretty much over now, and we all know things slow up a bit. For anyone who is still in town, you (yes you) are the diehard Sarasotans!  Spending an evening at your local theater is a great way to take in some culture and support a wonderful institution! And if you haven’t seen the new $16-million facility yet, the Manatee Performing Arts Center alone is worth the trip.

The show runs May 1 – 18,Tuesday through Thursday at 7:30 p.m., Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m.

The new theater is located at 502 3rd Ave. W, Bradenton, Fl, 34205. You can purchase tickets at the website or call the box office at 748-5875.

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