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Black Tie Friday, Aug. 10, 2018 4 years ago

Fashion Forward: In my red high heels

After becoming the black tie reporter, it was time to clean out my closet.
by: Kayleigh Omang Contributor

I gave away my favorite flannel today.

It was warm and soft and it reminded me of pine trees, campfires and dirt. It was red and white, well-worn and held memories of my days of hiking through the woods of Minnesota and taking casual trips to my favorite pub in downtown Fargo. It might have even had a stray dog hair woven into it from my late beloved Lab mix.

My friend, Alexis Tschosik, and I at a country concert in my flannel.

My flannel was replaced with the pair of shiny red Gianni Bini strappy heels I’m wearing right now. It’s my first time wearing them and I feel like I can take on the world in my red high heels. (Cue Kellie Pickler, anyone?)

It’s funny how you think you know who you are, until you make a major change in your life. Only a couple years ago, I can remember my mother calling me a “granola” as I came home from college in my Patagonia sweater and hiking boots, hair in a uncombed ponytail and a make-up free face. Three years before that, I was voted “most likely to move to New York City” and a contender for “best dressed” in my high school yearbook.

Today, as Black Tie reporter, I clean out my closet once again.

They say style is how you present yourself to the world. Without speaking, your personal style is a way to tell someone who you are. In the Black Tie section, we talk about what’s trending and the latest must-haves. But what we don’t talk about often enough is style. Because style is the person behind the clothes, not the clothes themselves.

As Oscar de la Renta said, “Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself.”

It’s important to remember that sometimes who you are changes. Your style should evolve with you. Whether that change is caused by aging, a new job, a move or any major lifestyle shift, be yourself, whoever you are at that moment. We all too often get caught up in themes and trends, when we should get caught up in ourselves.

I’m no longer the girl who hiked and slept in a tent on the


dirt every weekend. I’m going to galas in little black dresses and sipping champagne on the Westin rooftop. But that doesn’t mean that I’m any less me than I was before. It just means that I am becoming a new me, and I’m thankful my style can reflect that.

This blog will not only be about what’s in and the latest fashions, but about you and me and the fashionistas, creatives and artists who express themselves in our community through what they wear. Let’s explore and debate the realms of fashion together as we discover and unfold our own personal styles.

I know my new red heels will carry me throughout my season as Black Tie reporter, but as the bottom of the heels start to wear down, I’m excited to see what will replace them when it’s time to give them up.

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I’m Kayleigh, Black Tie reporter. My cats and I moved here from North Dakota and I earned degrees from Minnesota State Moorhead in photojournalism and entrepreneurship. You’ll find me covering all the big fundraisers in town. Reach me at 941-366-3468 ext. 330.

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