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Arts and Entertainment Friday, Oct. 27, 2017 2 years ago

Community Foundation reveals art installation

The Community Foundation of Sarasota County invited board members and donors for a first look at Anne Patterson’s newest piece — Circle of Thirds.
by: Anna Brugmann Community Editor

Anne Patterson doesn’t usually wear sneakers to unveiling ceremonies, but there was something about her pair of bright pink Nike running shoes that just felt right Oct. 27 at the Community Foundation of Sarasota County.

Anne Patterson stands under her latest piece entitled "Circle of Thirds" on Oct. 27 at the Community Foundation. The piece will hang in the lobby indefinitely.

It probably had to do with the fact they perfectly complemented her latest piece “Circle of Thirds” — a combination of three, 5-foot wide aluminum triangles and 1.5 miles of red, pink and burgundy ribbon — that now hangs in the Community Foundation lobby.

Patterson is locally known for her exhibition at The Ringling entitled “Pathless Woods,” which opened in November 2016 and closed in April. It was just the kind of notoriety Patterson, along with Community Foundation President and CEO Roxie Jerde, needed to fulfill a longtime ambition.

The two met by chance three years ago at The Hermitage Artist Retreat on Manasota Key.

“Someone had the wisdom of seating me next to Anne Patterson,” Jerde told Community Foundation donors and patrons before she unveiled the piece. “We had an instant connection, and I just said that night, ‘We’re doing something together.’”

Anne Patterson wears a pair of bright pink Nike's during the unveiling of her latest piece entitled "Circle of Thirds."


But Jerde had two criteria for the project. The piece had to incorporate community contributions and had to include the three components of the Community Foundation’s mission — the community, nonprofits and donors.

It was a vision Patterson and Jerde were able to bring to life thanks to Sam Alfstad, who provided the primary funding for the piece. Donors Jane and Bill Knapp, Harry Leopold and Audrey Robbins, Charlotte and Charles Perret also contributed to the installation, along with an anonymous donor.

Patterson collaborated with Alta Vista students, donors and other Community Foundation stakeholders while creating the piece.

Community Foundation President and CEO Roxie Jerde welcomes Community Foundation stakeholders and board members to the unveiling of Anne Patterson's latest piece entitled "Circle of Thirds."

Each contributor wrote their hopes, dreams and wishes for the future on the ribbons, which were hung from the portion of the piece that represented the community, donors or nonprofits. The combination of the groups show their connectivity — as one benefits, so does the whole.

Anne Patterson debuted her piece "Circle of Thirds" on Friday. It hangs in the Community Foundation lobby.

“The concept really is as you give, you receive,” Patterson said. “We’re all in a circle together.”

The result is a cascade of ribbons, each 15 feet long, raining down from the Community Foundation ceiling, just close enough to touch. Its 14 shades of color create a new experience for onlookers. As viewer walk around the piece, light dances through the ribbons, provoking an ethereal peace.

It’s appropriate, then, that of the wishes inscribed on the ribbon, three appear more than others — peace, happiness and love.

The piece is a combination of three aluminum triangles, each five feet wide, and 1.5 miles of ribbon.

Patterson said the piece was a departure from her usual work. Although it features a combination of metal work and ribbon typical of other installations, most of her work is blue or silver, making this piece unique among Patterson’s portfolio.

But it’s one Jerde is proud to have as part of her building. “Circle of Thirds” will hang indefinitely in the Community Foundation lobby. As long as she is there, Jerde said, so will Patterson’s installation.

“We are thrilled that you will be with us always with this piece,” Jerde said.


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