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Arts and Entertainment Monday, May 13, 2019 2 years ago

Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen are a winning pair in witty 'Long Shot'

This film is a delicious dose of sex, politics and rock 'n' roll, but it's also about compromising morality for career.

"Long Shot" is a slick, wittily scripted satire depicting the current state of politics in our country. But wait, it's also the most delightful and hilarious romantic comedy to hit theaters in ages.

Seth Rogen plays Fred, an investigative journalist who, in the first scene, is secretly taping a meeting of white supremacists. It doesn't go well. Things get better when he unexpectedly runs into his former babysitter, Charlotte (Charlize Theron) — who now happens to be the Secretary of State — at a party. The crush he had on her as a child is instantly rekindled. Better yet, she needs a writer to punch up her speeches and Fred's just the guy.


When former TV star, now POTUS (Bob Odenkirk) tells Charlotte he's not going to be seeking a second term because he wants to become a movie star, her dream comes true. She'll run for president. She promotes a global initiative on an international tour accompanied by Fred. Soon they're in the sack and intense sparks fly. Their common goal of "getting idiots to care about shit they don't care about" is on track.

Director Jonathan Levine along with scriptwriters Liz Hannah and Dan Sterling have hit a major home run in "Long Shot." The jabs are perfectly placed amidst parallels and parodies of horrible politicians who are "popular nitwits." Best of all, it comes off as outrageously funny and oh so welcome. Some of the best lines are delivered by a Rupert Murdoch-like character (a smarmy Andy Serkis) who, basically, owns POTUS. When he insists that "hurricanes are caused by gay marriage" and POTUS should "nuke a tsunami," the laugh-out-loud factor takes hold of the entire audience.

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And the score is rockin' hot. Some standout tunes include "Then He Kissed Me" (The Crystals), "It Must Have Been Love" (Roxette), "I'm On Fire" (Bruce Springsteen) and "Bridge Over Troubled Water" (Aretha Franklin). It just doesn't get any better.

But, actually, it does. The unlikely pairing of Theron and Rogen and their chemistry on screen is pure perfection. They play off one another like George Burns and Gracie Allen. In fact, the two helped workshop the script for several years. It paid off enormously.

"Long Shot" is a delicious dose of sex, politics and rock n roll (with a hit of ecstasy). It's also a film about compromising morality for the sake of advancing one's career. Most importantly, it has one of best feel-good endings, ever! 

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