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Beneva Fruitville
Arts and Entertainment Wednesday, Oct. 31, 2012 9 years ago

Black Tie & Tales

by: Loren Mayo Black Tie Editor

+ All hail the queen (again!)
Miss Beneva Fruitville, you really outdid yourself this year. And so did Amy Williamson Miller, who created this gorgeous set of larger-than-life shiny gold wings for the drag queen’s Safe Sex Halloween Bash appearance. Miller used to design wings for Victoria’s Secret runway shows. The hot topic this week around Sarasota (unfortunately, BT can’t recall who told her this), and also an unusual bit of information, is that the VS runways are made of glass because it sparkles more and therefore produces better photos. However, the sparkle effect makes for an uncomfortable walking platform, because models tend to return to the dressing room with bloody feet.

+ Tidbits …
Endangered species … Mari Zevin was going on for at least five minutes about her costume at the Safe Sex Halloween Bash. Zevin said she was an “endangered species.” The costume, in which she attached everything from black lights and lace to a funky headpiece and feathers, took her two weeks to make. “Tonight I’m ‘human watching,’” Zevin said. “You know, instead of bird watching.” …

Place to be … Jarred Wilson was so excited to attend the PP bash that he flew all the way in from Texas …

Um, who are you again? ... Safe Sex Co-Chairwoman Kimberly Mancini was cloaked in a gorgeous purple ensemble with a purple headpiece and said no one recognized her all night. The same goes for BT, who was dressed as an Avatar, and after snapping Marlena Ess’ photo, Ess came after her with her whip! …

Baa, baa black sheep … There were so many men dressed in sheep costumes Saturday night that BT had trouble keeping track of whose photo she’d taken and whose she hadn’t …

Hip, hip, hooray … John Mason had a wild weekend Oct. 19 through Oct. 21. Saturday night was CANDance, Sunday morning was the 60th birthday of Dennis Stover, Sunday evening was Ulla Searing's posthumous party and Monday morning  (bright and early, of course!) he had his right hip replaced … 
Always a bridesmaid… Diana Kelly and Kimberly Manooshian both wore bridesmaid dresses to Oceanic Evening. Manooshian wore the dress she picked out for her own bridesmaids to wear — she loved it so much she purchased one for herself!

+ She would have loved it
Philanthropist Ulla Searing, who died June 28, liked things done a certain way — her way — with propriety and elegance. And, although she might have raised a Viking eyebrow at the thought of a posthumous celebration of her centennial, she would have been delighted with the reality. The reception took place on the correct date – Oct. 21 — 100 years to the day from her birth. It was in a most appropriate venue – the Field Club. The menu (which included caviar and smoked salmon), the music and the mood were perfect. The guests included three out-of-towners: first-cousin-once-removed Jeremy Ingpen and portfolio adviser G. Bruce Leib from New York and good friend Mark Fabray from East Hampton.


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