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Black Tie Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2016 4 years ago

Bags on bags on bags

Amie Swan helps you organize the inside of your bag with her new line, OTG | 247.
by: Heather Merriman Saba Black Tie Editor

When the new year comes around, one of the most common resolutions amongst people is to get organized. For most, this organization is about the home or the workplace, but this year, we're amped up about getting those giant purses we carry around organized. Every woman knows that the way the inside of your bag looks is a sneak peek into what your life looks like. And for most of us, it's not pretty.

Lucky for us, local fashionista Amie Swan has a solution: bags to organize your bag. The line, OTG | 247, launched Dec. 3 and features a collection of bags in different sizes, colors and patterns and is designed to keep your bag under control and as fashionable on the inside as it is on the outside. We talked to the designer to get the scoop on her new brand.

How did you come up with the concept and design?

"I can't stand the black hole (my purse) and having to dig through my bag. I have been using a myriad of different bags to stay organized, from Ziploc bags to random cosmetic bags to mesh bags — there was nothing cute about it. I love fabulous bags, and I think the inside should look just as nice as the outside. I kept complaining to my husband that there should be one collection of bags in different sizes, colors and patterns to mix and match. One day he said, "Stop talking about it, and just do it."

What materials are the bags made of?

"I wanted a durable but stylish material, so I used bicast leather in great colors and added fun prints, too. It is CPSIA compliant and phthalate free. I also custom designed all of the hardware and patterns."

What's behind the name?

"OTG | 247 stands for "On the go, 24/7." I'm constantly on the run, and my bags make my life more efficient, as I don't waste time digging for what I need in my bag. I hope it helps others get organized while on the go, too."

How do you recommend using them?

My bag looks like a filing cabinet of OTG | 247 bags. Every morning, I pack my bags for the day. Here's an example of a collection I'd put together on a day of running errands, a meeting and picking up the kids from school for a play date:


#1 For credit cards, cash and phone — in fact, with this bag I always carry it with the 48" strap, so I can throw it on and run into the store, instead of carrying my entire bag in for quick errands.

Tidbit — With the new security rules at pro stadiums, you must carry clear bags, and the #1 "Nudie" is the perfect gameday bag.

#2 For make-up, lip gloss and comb

#4 For my emergency kit — Band-Aids, lint brush, antibacterial wipes, dental picks, Tide stain pen and sunscreen.

#7 'Foodie' for water bottle and snacks.

Tidbit — #7 is insulated and is a great for packing your lunch or kids' snacks in their backpack. It comes with a crossbody strap, and it can fit a bottle of wine.

#8 For change of clothes for the kids

#9 'Techie' for laptop and files.


Check out her website and get your bag organized this year.

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