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Arts and Entertainment Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2012 10 years ago

Home, Heart and You!

by: Kimberly Braun

Walking up to Laurel Phipps’ house, we are greeted by prayer flags and a patio set with chairs opened outward, seeming to say, "Sit here, sit here." We decline the unspoken request and ring the doorbell, which brings our hostess’ warm smile and open heart. The first colors meeting our eyes upon crossing the threshold are blue-greens and warm browns. A butterfly wall hanging to the left of the door connotes playfulness and the large paintings upon open walls bring nature inside. Yes, the soothing colors, the ambient placing of furniture and the use of space create a sense of openness in her small home.

This is a fitting response for Stephen McFadden and me, because we have entered the home of an interior designer of two decades who is pioneering a new field called "interiorology."  Laurel Phipps’ passion is helping people connect with their homes and their hearts. She is a true master in guiding her clients in understanding and defining their relationship to their homes and creating an environment that is individually life-giving.

Her career has never stopped at superficial color combinations, but has always moved into the deeper questions around understanding what our homes are for us. This is what has brought her to coin the term "interiorology." Laurel has learned that the real discernment in creating our environment is to connect with our deeper desires---something that can be challenging for us to do in our distracted world.

Have you ever had a sense that your home is not that comfortable for you? Or perhaps a certain room does not speak to you, or becomes a hodge-podge of stuff? Or maybe you have more possessions than you care to, but do not know how to hold on to memories and let go of clutter? Maybe you have a super-active household where chaos reigns and you long to have your home reflect peace and serenity? Laurel can be a guide for you.

Laurel utilizes her experience, her training and her deep reflection. She has created a system of self-discovery that is both playful and deep at the same time. In the process of finishing her first book introducing interiorology to the world, she has already begun to hold workshops and private sessions for people of all backgrounds and interests.

You can dip your toe into the refreshing well of wisdom Laurel has to offer by attending her keynote talk at Celebrate Wellness Fest taking place at Philippi Estate Park March 10-11 from 10am-6pm. Check out her time slot by visiting the schedule of events. Her talk is appropriately titled ‘Interiorology: Home, Heart and You.’ But if you want to learn more before then, visit Laurel’s website for her personal contact information:

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