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Arts and Entertainment Monday, Oct. 27, 2014 6 years ago

Factory Girl: Moody Makeup

by: Zara Barrie

I’ve possessed a very real love for makeup artistry my entire life. It’s in my bones, for my family's been rooted in the cosmetic industry since we took our first steps off the boat at Ellis Island.

In my early 20s, I attended the Make-up Designory (the self-proclaimed Harvard of makeup schools) in SoHo, Manhattan. I’ve painted faces in London, New York and Los Angeles. Each morning, I look forward to climbing out of bed and experimenting with the diverse array of textures and colors that reside within the confines of my massive leather-bound makeup case.

I associate a new lip color with an important life change. After a traumatic breakup, I always head straight to the M.A.C. counter and treat myself to a bold statement lipstick, and as soon as that powerful, fresh color touches my lips, I immediately feel like a brand new woman — a refreshed and empowered version of myself.

zara makeup 3

Makeup gives us the ability to transform in an awesome, temporary way (unlike the permanence of dramatic haircut). As humans, we're complex and multi-faceted creatures. We feel so very different on different days, so why should we look the same every day? Makeup is an emotional craft. I’ve had women cry (I swear I’m not embellishing) after seeing themselves for the first time in red lipstick.

It’s hard to explain how empowering it is to unapologetically own a new look — to allow makeup to bring out a hidden trait of your unique personality. It’s powerful to channel all the different parts of yourself, and makeup gives you the ability to do that. I encourage you to play, play play with makeup, regardless of your age or gender.

zara makeup

Use makeup as a creative outlet; mix lipsticks together, get your hands dirty, experiment with colorful, shimmering eye shadows and luscious creams. Forget the “rules.” If you feel fabulous, rock it. Don’t be afraid of all the awesomely wonderful parts of yourself. And remember: if you decide you no longer like the makeup on your face, you can always sneak off to the bathroom and wash it off. Your natural beauty will always be there.

Products used in this tutorial:

  • Freckles: Lancome Le Crayon-Black Coffee (Topshop is coming out with actual freckle pencils, which I’m dying to try).
  • Lips: M.A.C. Matte Lipstick-Diva (a truly intimidating lip color).
  • Highlight: Bare Minerals Radiance-Pure Radiance

Please share with me your favorite products, moody-makeup looks and beauty advice!


The Silver Factory Girl

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